Diablo 3 Audio issues anyone else javing these isaues

Help, i logged on the other day and saw the Bnet notification of issues that where happening in D3 logged in anyways and my god the audio was horrible so i logged out and tried again today and same result nuthing but static and distant reverb in game and while in the lobby anyone had this issue? Know a fix ive checked all drivers ran the rescan and repair other blizz games work great etc.


I’m having the exact same issues. I even uninstalled & reinstalled the game, but it didn’t fix the issue at all. Did you find a solution?

Windows 10 ? Did you recently installed a Windows Update (KB4515384) ?

If so, that update is causing some issues in D3 for some… see :

(scroll down to known issues)

A new update was released by Windows today to fix it… see :

Good luck…

I don’t understand…why would it literally just affect D3, and no other program?

I don’t know… a user had the same issue in French language Europe forum…

Blizzard recommended uninstalling the KB4515384 update… that did the trick.

When I checked Windows site tonight (to get the English version of the article), I noticed that Microsoft had issued a fix.

So I thought I would mention it.

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I appreciate it. Thanks! I’m looking for it to see if that can be the cause.

Well, that did not fix the issue…ugh.

I’m sorry to hear that… best of luck with this.

I logged in today having not played for a while and same issue. Extremely low bit rate audio, distorted and making the game unplayable. I tried all audio settings, changing audio outputs, I scanned and repaired the game and then tried a fresh install. Nothing works.

I had something similar happen after a recent Windows update (not the one the KB article was talking about.) Turned out the update did something to reset the audio properties in windows itself, so I had to re-do the settings.

It might be worth double-checking the audio properties in Windows control panel.

You may also want to try toggling spatial sound off in the Windows volume settings (right-click speaker icon).


Thanks :+1::grin::pray:t4: I reinstalled game some times and no work. Finally fixed Whit spacial configuration