Diablo 2 Cheat Sheet (Runes/Runewords/BPs/TC85/Resources)


This D2 interactive Cheat Sheet literally has everything. This guy posted it to reddit 16 hours ago.

I love when the community comes together and creates stuff like this and Diablo2.io. The new people coming to D2R are going to have SO much more awesome resources than we ever did lol. :sweat_smile:


You might find the Maxroll website helpful too, it allows you to plan out character builds completely.

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Ya that site is awesome too! i love all the new resources popping up. But this is a nice little cheat sheet with a ton of info on one page. thats more my style as well. Im sure lots of us have spent countless hours browsing the many pages of Arreat lol


i think just linking the arreat summit is best

that has most thing any new player will need, i mean it could use some breakpoints
and i reccomend an ias calculator

and stuff like this

and this is very useful as well

and these pages are good for finding good farming areas


by changing what things are immune to

but those are all thats really needed


That site is cancer and the reason we need cheat sheets like this one. lmao

But the IAS calc is nice. :+1:

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it took me SOOOO long to find an working ias calculator that had werewolf frames XD, the german one was shut down ages ago and i didnt know where to find it until someone in discord linked me this one

also… areat summit is like a perfect website…

its designed exactly how a website should be, you can get anywhere you need to go in roughly 3 clicks

its has one of the best layouts i have seen in years… and when taking web programming with html in like 2008 ( which i made absolutely no use of and everything i know is probably deprecated by now), it was the site i found that best matched how a good site layout should be


Ya i remember after they shut the last one down you were SOL when it came to droods.

Genuinely can’t tell if you’re trolling or not… :thinking:

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Is there anything more cheatable than Bot in this game? :thinking:

I’m not… what do u consider a BETTER layout?
the defining characteristics of a good website layout is being able to find ANY page u want to to in 3 or less easy to follow clicks, arreat summit does this perfectly.

items, runeword, 1.10
monsters, act, type
skills, tree

quests, act, select the quest
basics… experience
you can get to ANY point in the website you want to, in 3 three very easy to follow clicks

this is how websites SHOULD be

No, this is not something that is objective. Different layouts appeal to different people. There’s quite literally a science to it. Arreat summit is great for veterans since you know exactly what you’re looking for and where everything is, its absolutely horrendous for new players. I’ll never forget when i first found Arreat and it looked like horrendous over saturated garbage with a terrible looking design. I had no idea where to go or what to click first and things linked to other pages so randomly. The site operates like it was made by a veteran for… himself. I think it should be re-done entirely for new people IMO.

Better example

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i mean… its pretty simple… if your looking info for an item… you press the “item” button…
and then there is a bar on top that lets u pick which ones u want more details on.

i was able to easily figure this out… in like 7th and 8th grade…

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Yes most of all of us were at that age when we found it. Want a cookie? It doesn’t appeal to the average new player. They aren’t super special like you bud. :roll_eyes:



When I click on a rune, a tooltip pops up. What does LK and the information mean?

Like what does the level requirement mean and the boss / LK mean? I don’t even know what LK stands for.

what the eff bmays… arreat summit needs re work because your eyes are bad? just wow…

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Eyes? it needs a rework because its an unorganized jumbled mess that only veterans know how to navigate without being overwhelmed by a hundred links and overly long unnecessary descriptions. Its a badly designed site, anyone can see that clear as day.


the io site you linked is a a worse jumbled mess there are around 40 links on the home page alone it is cluttered and messy and the animation is atrocious.

the Arreat summit lacks a few features that could help but over all is a very high functioning site with all the information a new player would need to get started.


lmao. its extremely organized. You’re so butthurt its hilarious.

Arreat being a bad website is literally a meme as old as time. Its common most players constantly complain about how awful it is. Its hilarious you’re trying to argue against reality. :joy:


WTH Arreat Summit is a great site, simple, super easy to navigate and not bloated at all, my only complain is that it tend to be slow sometimes.

I look at diablo2 io database and it’s cluttered and messy, oh the irony.

The cheat sheet is great tho.


there is no clutter nor mess. just randomly spouting things that aren’t true doesn’t make them true. The white knighting of arreat is cute tho kids.


Uhh… Well honestly I just looked at it myself and it has the exact thing I’ve always wished arreat summit had.

I can sort runewords by the item types they can go into instead of having to look through every single runeword to find the ones that go in a sword or whatever.

The home page looked fine to me.

Edit: Oh I can even sort by which runewords a particular rune can go into. This is nice.