DH still can't cube Furnace

Seems like the furnace power in the cube should be available to the DH. I think this came up a lot in S 20. Now would be a good time to correct that.


The Cube only makes powers available for items that your hero could equip.
DH’s can’t equip two-handed maces so they can’t have Furnace in the Cube.

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Yeah, but wouldn’t it make sense to be able to use a power (off non-class locked items) from a generic leg - technically the Cube is allowing you to wield a power you can’t equip (eg: power of CoE while wearing F&R), so why should that be limited to items you can’t actually equip (again, non-class locked)???

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Outside of what the others have said, I’m not sure why this is something to fight for. Furnace isn’t that strong, amounting to roughly 2 GR’s of damage and there were quite a few options that were stronger than putting furnace in the cube for season 20.

With season 22 coming up, even if furnace was available, I doubt i’d even consider it given the other options.

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Same here, there are plenty of other options better than the Furnace.

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True enough. What about for Impale? If you wanted to build an elite sniper, or maybe attempt to RGK… would furnace have value then?

Yes but there are other options that would be close. For example, you could swap out the CoE in the standard RGK setup for a SoJ and then cube the CoE. While the SoJ only provides 30% elite damage with 20% elemental damage, it wouldn’t be a bad option.

Aughild’s + Furnace (cubed) = (1 + 60% element) x (1 + 80% to elites)
Aughild’s + SoJ (equipped) = (1 + 80% element) x (1 + 60% to elites)

They are the same but of course the SoJ has fewer primaries so you would miss out on 2 ring affixes but it isn’t a terrible loss.

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Hypothetically - Could you wear squirts, COE and SOJ, and cube RoRG and Furnace… with the Aughilds Impale?

Squirt’s with no shield and in melee range of the boss? I don’t see this as viable unless you get a shield pylon or the right boss that doesn’t do anything. If you get something like Voracity, there is 0% chance you will keep the buff up.

I am thinking RGK - so zmonk and zbarb keeping us safe…

not dying and not taking dmg are pretty different