DH GOD inconsistency between Wraps Clarity vs Focus/Restrain

The Demon Hunter GOD 4-piece effect’s primary skill procs Wraps of Clarity’s effect, which should trigger on hitting with a hatred generator, but not the Focus/Restraint set bonus which should trigger Focus when hitting with a resource generating attack or primary skill.

I was expecting the opposite i.e. if the GOD 4-piece primary skill is not a hatred generator it should not proc the Wraps of Clarity effect, while the GOD 4-piece primary skill is still a primary skill and, as written, should trigger the Focus/Restraint additional effect (the Restraint effect is up continuously from Strafe’s hatred spending attack).

Not sure if this is a bug or this is as intended. Your thoughts?

It has always been like that by design. The damage buff from F&R requires manual firing of a primary, just like refreshing the Momentum stacks does.

Yes, but the Wraps of Clarity required the same - now it is being triggered without manual firing of the primary skill. Hence the bug report.

Actually, Wraps have always procced with the autofired primaries.

No bug, working as intended.

If I’m understanding the OP correctly, Kirottu is right. AFAIK it’s because the game doesn’t allow procs to proc other procs. Only 1-layer deep is allowed. Same reason that area damage procs can’t chain-generate their own area damage procs. It would probably melt servers otherwise.

Can’t believe I’ve never noticed that Wraps was procced by the GOD primaries - but I stand correct, thankyou.

Not sure I understand why Wraps proc but not F&R but it is certainly not a change due to the updated GOD set, so no bug.

the way I understand it, wraps proc on attack, while F&R proc on hit, which is one proc removed. please correct me if I’m wrong