Desync in D2R PvP

I’m a big D2 fan, got probably more hours in D2 than in any other game, but I am a total noob when it comes to PvP.

One reason, why PvP never really spoke to me, was desync. If a pally charges me and I die before he reaches me on my screen, or a WW barb moves left and I die standing far right from him, it’s quite annoying.

On the other hand, I read, that people intentionally desync and even counter desyncs with their own desyncs. That sounds like a feature to me. Do you think, this feature is going to be gone (mostly) on newer servers?

Also Tele stomping might feel different on better servers, I guess. Do you think, PvP in D2R will be significantly different to the old D2 PvP?

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It’s one of those issues/bugs/exploits that becomes a feature. No game ever is designed with desync in mind, you usually don’t want for that to happen, but from what I read, in D2 it makes PvP interesting. There are situations like that in Starcraft, such as drone drilling which was a bug in the first starcraft but became so popular as a strategy that they implemented it as a feature in the second game (same for mutalisk stacking)

Yeah right! I am wondering, if VV is trying to “implement” desyncs in D2R. It is kinda hard to believe for me, that they intentionally do that. So I am wondering, if D2 PvP players were upset about that.

They don’t need to implement it, it’s already there. D2R is a new graphical engine running on the same old code (although with some minor changes)

My question becomes if desynch is something that happens on the netcode of the game, or on the game logic itself.

If it is a problem with the netcode, that will probably change with the new game, since they’re implementing a completely different networking API.

From what I’ve been told, desynch will likely be entirely fixed as it is tied to the archaic networking.

As for invis projectiles (different than what you asked I know), I believe Blizz addressed, but uncertain how succesful.

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