Destroyer of Rifts Champion lvl

working on Champion lvl Destroyer of Rifts. I have to complete a T X Nefalum rift in under 6 minutes. I have gotten the award for completing a T XI rift in 7 minutes but I am still on T X and cant complete the Destroyer of Rifts quest? What am I doing wrong?

Clearly, “6” and “7” are different.

Also, make sure you run Nephalem Rift, not Greater Rift.


It sounds like you can’t kill monsters fast enough to complete the rift (make sure it is a nephalem rift) in less than 6 minutes. BTW, the timer starts when you open the rift, not when you enter, and ends when you talk to Orek, not when you kill the RG.

Your gear could be better. I would replace the ruby in your weapon with an emerald. Your jewelry have no sockets. You haven’t enchanted any of your gear. Lots of improvements could be made to better your damage output.


Try spec into a different build and you really want OPEN maps for these kind of achievments
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the confusion for me is, I am still in T X and not in T XI, how can I be getting credit for running a rift in T XI when I am still in T X? I do know there is a great deal of time from 6 - 7 minutes…

So many things about your gear need changing. For one, get some better rings - you are wearing 6 pieces of the Zunimassas, so you are getting the 6 piece bonus, ditch the RoRG. Get + movement on your boots, get rid of the wildwood sword and get a Dagger of Darts. A lot of the stats on your gear aren’t matching your skill bar (your helm is giving + Firebats and that isn’t on your skill bar, etc.) Don’t know what powers are extracted in your Kanai’s Cube, but there are better weapon choices than Wormwood staff. Spirit Barrage is good if you have The Barber as your weapon, but I’d swap it for Poisoned Darts (hence the Dagger of Darts mentioned above). Find some Lakumbs Ornament bracers. Just some suggestions…

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Probably because you misread it.

There is an achievement (not part of the season journey) called “A Rift in Time” that gives you credit for completing a nephalem rift at T VI or higher in less than 7 minutes. That is probably what you saw. To verify, just check your achievements page, under the seasonal tab. The achievement should be checked off and the date should be recent.

Do I need to do this solo or can I do it with a friend?

You can do with a friend.

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The necromancer has arrived and is bringing back the dead.


Why would they sell the xpac if they didn’t want us to play it?

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Wonder if they got it yet though?

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