Desolate Chamber

I am playing Diablo III Eternal Collection on the Xbox One. I have beaten the Skeleton King twice. I then enter the Desolate Chamber and beat the monsters, but the Stranger is not in the chamber so I cannot continue the story. The way point back to town is not in the room either. If I quit, then restart I am back in town, but the stranger is not there. If I go back, the Skeleton King is back and the Stranger still is not in the Desolate Chamber.

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I’m experiencing the same issue. Did you manage to resolve it?

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Sounds like you’re in adventure mode which doesn’t make sense since Stranger is in town in Adventure mode.

Also there’s no portal there. You have to use your own town portal which you should’ve picked up earlier in campaign.
Town portal = right on d-pad

I have as well. Its frustrating…