Delsere's Magnum Opus Bonus Conflict in Multiplayer

Delsere’s Magnum Opus (DMO) 6-piece set bonus does not properly apply slow-time ownership in games where multiple wizards are using it.

In a game with two wizards, both using the the same abilities, only one wizard would reliably gain the bonus from attacking enemies in slow time. To reproduce the issue:

  • Enter a game with two wizards using DMO.

  • Enter a combat area and allow your party member to place a slow time and demonstrate they receive their set-bonus damage.

  • Place your own slow time over the enemies, and one wizard will lose their bonus damage. Whichever Wizard loses their damage will be the only of the two to lose it.

My seasonal wizard, Aristaan, was party leader at the time in a game I created, however, conceding party leadership did not change which wizard had the bonus. As long as both wizards would fight in different locations, there was no conflict, but if I placed a slow time on my teammate’s enemies, my teammate could not create a slow time of their own by striking them, and the persistent bonus field of Crown of the Primus did not give the damage bonus either. If an enemy had entered a slow time belonging to me, their bonus was lost. The order of placement did not matter; if I placed one first, then allowed my teammate to cast on top of it, I would retain the bonus. If I placed it second, I would replace the bonus and continue at full damage. If I remained passive in the area, I did not take ownership of the slow time bonus. We were using Magic missile - Seeker, using Fragment of Destiny, Mirrorball, and Crown of the Primus in nearly identical DMO sets. We were testing on seasons in a GR100.


Adding some info / bumping this since it’s a bigger issue in season 30 (as DMO is the current seasonal reward set), and since this issue is detrimental to Wizard multiplayer.

----- (Un)Equipping Slow Time in the ability bar may affect the reproduction of this issue

In my case, I ran into this bug when I didn’t have Slow Time equipped in my ability bar and my ally did. After equipping it, I didn’t run into this bug anymore. (Limited testing. Other note: My ally had the all-runes crown and I did not).

Hopefully makes it easier to track down and/or helps a fellow Wizard :slight_smile: