Death's Breath Not Dropping From Elite Packs in Visions

The visions of enmity are not the same as they were in season 29. As you enter in a portal that is full of blue elite packs, you are expecting tons of death’s breath to drop once you finish them off right? Wrong, you are lucky to even get over 25 death’s breath (not exactly this number, but close). The reduced drop rates of db’s from blue elite packs in the visions of enmity was not something that was mentioned in the patch notes. Every elite pack outside of the visions drop at least some db’s. This was on T14. Was this something that was planned? Or, is this a bug? Please let me know.

It was like that in PTR, too. Not a Bug, intentional nerf.

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Think about it like this… what was in S29 was simply overkill. At the end I had like three times more Death’s Breath than all other mats combined. Use the Visions for what they are meant. They ease leveling a bit and you can even get DB way before reaching L61. Plus they provide an alternative to easily collect Bounty Mats when you are going solo and can’t or don’t want to do split bounties. You get some DB and GR keys as well, so that’s fine. I have no complaints about that.´

I only have two things I don’t like:

  1. The chest at the end should take you back to where you started the Vision - teleport to town sucks, especially when you are somewhere out in the field… or worse, deep down in the Labyrinth.

  2. Visions are season-only. They should be in NS as well.

These two. Apart from that they are fine now. Ah, yes, they could provide a little more Forgotten Souls, actually… but oh well.

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Well said.  

I can’t help but notice that just recently there were many reports of having too many Death’s Breaths. Now we’re getting reports that there’s not enough.