Death by connection lost

really?! battle net crash and kill me in a run?!? someone else have the same prob?

Virtually everybody that’s ever played Hardcore has lost heroes due to a game crash, an internet disconnect, or lag spikes. This is why you keep spare sets of gear in the Stash and a nicely levelled Gem of Ease for when (not if) it happens.


fer fek sake man. good riddance. get out of hardcore. This the kind of sissies they have over there? try playing more than one hour a day. Get some backup gear. disconnect. pfffft.

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this is why I dont play hc :frowning:

Omg barry I cant believe they allow you to post with a name like that! Thats what I was told in a thread asking how old people were rofl!

thats why? I can think of 100 reasons why softcore is a misterable pukefest. jesus i could be disconnected 4 times today and i would still be fine. And i play casual.

What makes that story worth telling, Barry? I have to pick the right moment, like when you say go. Or its no go.

Theres a missing human element, that made the writing come to life of screen. That shows the gold dragon ability to banish shadows, or whatever developed the film. Same deal.

It happens. It sucks and you keep going.
I lost a character to a non-map, just walked off of the world, then got disconnected and wiped. : /

I have lost two characters since inception this way. The first I could live with - the second stated my death (while disconnected) was ‘Death by environment’… That is the worst. It not only says you were killed through no fault of your own, it also says you kinda suck because you are playing above the level you should be attempting. :rofl:

BUT - It is part of life and HC is based on when you die, you are completely and totally - DEAD.

First thing I do after I’m able to run GR’s is to level up a Gem of Ease to GR25 as soon as I get one. Then I craft a hellfire Amulet and Ring, both can be worn with a level 1 character. You can go from 0 to 22 with one hit at Torment 6. in a few minutes you can be at level 50+.

Here’s the tricky part. Depending on you character, you might need to lower the difficulty to T1 and finish leveling up, since you don’t have any death cheats until level 66 and your follower is susceptible to dying and can’t count on his cheat death. You DON’T want to die leveling up a character and lose your gem of ease.

Still, leveling up a new character usually takes about 10 minutes or so. And like others have said, always have spare in your inventory. That’s HC. Always be prepared to die.

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I go even further, I get a gem of ease to 25, get hellfire ring and ammy, then I augment a gem of ease into some bt gear and a leorics ring so I can use them at lvl 1, too. Doesn’t take much time, and after that getting any class to 70 is a breeze.

Ofc I usually rage quit after 1 or 2 dc, so it kinda feels like wasted effort.

Yep definitely had this same issue. Battlenet servers got DDOS’ed and while in the middle of a Grift, my barbarian i had just finished leveling up and getting my gems leveled up, died on me. What a pain!! So frustrating!

Thousand if not millons of players that ever played HC

because there are many ways to die illegitimate deaths in HC such as lag, power outages or whatever i recommend to do what i do. play SC and if you die a legitimate death then delete your character. it’s the same experience as HC. i’ve been doing this since D1. it was always the only way to avoid hackers or exploiting PKs and still play HC. in D3 they aren’t around but dying to a power outage or lag is unacceptable. there is a delay from the time you lose connection to the server until your character disappears so you’re likely to die if you lose connection.

Addition to the pile. Personal experience of random hc death prepares one practically (what to do in game next time) and philosophically (how to cope emotionally) with the eventual end of all.