Dear Blizzard - Why is this?

Dear Blizzard,
Why is this the case? See the letter i received below this morning.

Why do console owners not get the opportunity to discuss Diablo 2 Resurrected and submit their input regarding their experiences on the D2R forum?

I feel like we are treated as not important because we arent a windows user. Other peoples perspectives may vary.

I good rid of my windows box 20+ years ago for a good reason and since ya’ll arent supporting the mac anymore, my only option is to play it on a console and one of my two consoles was even excluded from both the pre-order beta and the open beta.

_______Today’s email

Thank you for contacting Blizzard today and here to help with issues not being able to post on the forums or take the survey for the new adventure of Diablo 2 Resurrected is Game Master [Redacted]. Hope you’re having a nice day so far (^-^) /

After some further investigation found unfortunately its needed to have the beta access for PC to have access to the forums and the online survey.

_________________________End of Email

Please no trolling or negativity regarding this.

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Imagine playing this game on console… Better yet, imagine how bad to duels will be on consoles.

edit: sorry im rereading and realizing I come off as a massive turd. What I meant to really get at is you’ll likely be lacking on the fullest D2 experience playing on a console. You’ll lose the fast-paced gameplay, similarly to D3 (except you’re falling from a much higher benchmark, as D3 was going from bad to worse, this is going from divine to meh) This doesn’t answer your question because I don’t make the shots. Just a random suggestion from a random fella. enjoy your day

Played it on console and PC. You don’t lose anything, and certainly nothing that taints bug feedback. They’ve actually done a very good job with it. I was hesitant because I tried Titan Quest and PoE on console and they were absolutely horrible. Even controller use on PC isn’t too bad. You should give it a shot in the Open Beta this weekend. Now, it’s not kb&m by any means, but I could play comfortably.

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Blizzard requires PC licenses to post in most of their forums. Even the free games require some in-game progress to unlock posting. WoW requires active game time in addition to the license.

It is done to prevent scammers/spammers, and trolls who have no vested interest in the game. The exception is the New Player forum, the Tech Support forum, and the Console forum.

This is an intentional decision. The other option is to use reddit if you want? I don’t post there, but they did suggest it as means for feedback in the Beta announcement.

That’s pretty cool to hear that. I’d imagine it’d be pretty hard to compete in pvp though if was pc vs console, similarly to most other games too. But not cross-platform, so no biggie!

I’m not so sure. Playing a druid I could map fissure, molten boulder, and firestorm to A, X, and Y on the controller. I could put weapon swap to B. Among other combinations. If they add the ability to lock on to a target. It very effectively removes having keybinds to the left and right. We’ll find out though since PC players can use both.