Deamon hunter help

hi everybody. hope you can help my.
i dont now wats wrong with my DM
i heve a damage about 2,3 million. paragon 1376 good strafe sett.
heve caldersan’s on every item. But still i cant do GR lvl 90.
Hope you can help. BRG

I looked at your EU profile and noted some things:

  • You cannot use Captain Crimson with the GoD build ideally since it requires the use of the belt slot which is better served by using a Hunter’s Wrath. Try using just the GoD 6-set with Hunter’s Wrath and a ring of your choice (e.g. Convention of Elements or Elusive Ring if you need toughness).
  • Your dawn is a 50% Vengeance CDR (lowest possible) - you really need a 63%+ one to have a chance of keeping Vengeance up fulltime.
  • You are also missing cooldown reduction. You ideally want about 37% (from 3 pieces of 7-8% + paragon 10% + helm diamond). You want to keep Vengeance up 100% of the time. - EDIT: I forgot that the CC2 bonus gives you 20% CDR, if you remove the CC set, you need cooldown elsewhere.
  • Bane of the Stricken doesn’t help unless you’re pushing and the boss takes a couple minutes, it won’t provide much benefit otherwise. Consider Bane of the Trapped instead.
  • Consider diamonds in your armor instead of emeralds for a lot more toughness at the cost of a little damage.
  • Consider Numbing Traps instead of Thrill of the Hunt (Devouring Arrow automatically applies it) for more toughness.
  • Consider Fan of Knives - Bladed Armor instead of Preparation for added toughness.
  • Consider Shadow Power - Gloom instead of Shadow Glide rune for more toughness.
  • Rolling for 10% damage on weapons when dual wielding isn’t ideal usually since you alternate weapons and the 10% only applies to the weapon it’s on (not both like area damage).
  • Strafe damage +% is completely irrelevant and you can remove it from Valla’s Bequest and other gear (e.g. your boots). All your damage comes from Hungering Arrow, not Strafe.

After applying all these suggestions, if you still have issues, it could be a playstyle problem, so consider watching videos of how to play the build.


Thank you very much : )

For GR90, it is very doable though, with the Yangs, since you are looking at minimum 60% damage reduction, and you don’t really need both the Hunter’s Wrath and Depth Diggers damage bonus (I just cube Hunters Wrath and lose DD). I use that set up for low lvl GRs and bounties. Never worry about running out of hatred and pretty much unkillable.

^ except that if hes having trouble at gr90, giving up damage probably isnt the right call.

This is incredibly important. If you can’t get a Dawn with at least 63%, that means you need at least 1 more gear slot with cooldown. If you don’t have one, I’d highly advise running Dawn in your cube with Valla’s as your primary weapon and using the Satchel. A tradeoff for a mediocre satchel for 100% uptime on Vengeance is a no-brainer. In my experience, it’s the lack of 100% uptime on Vengeance that is the problem for most beginner DH. Once you have that and numlock it (PC only), life is much easier.