Dashing strike prolem any suggestions?

Hello everyone,
I have a big problem with playing Monk, its my dashing strike, it just wont work well I have to wait at least 3-5 seonds for another dash so most of the time I just walk.
So right now I have 56.5% cooldown reduction, I have messershmidt weaver in the cube and still cant dash I have to wait few seconds.
Do I need more cooldown? I just cant figure out why I cant dash.
I put cdr everywhere I could, flawless royal diamond in my helmet and cdr everywhere even on my rings. I just dont know what to do anymore so I can dash constantly.

Any suggestions?

Which rune are you using? Quicksilver rune adds an additional charge (to a max of 3) instead of 2.

No, Im using first rune to increase movement speed after each dash.
One more thing I foget to mention, when I use dash it spend both stacks for single jump, that is why I have to wait.

It’s a known issue. I don’t know if there’s any fix or workaround. Happens to me too quite often.

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Try replacing Messershmidt with In-Geom in the mean time. Keep in mind you have to kill the entire elite pack for In-Geom to kick in. Not just the elite.


Thx for answering me. I have meesershmidt in cube and in-geom equipped. So there is an issue with dash? That helps lot I thought maybe my keyboard doesnt work well.
Thx guys for info.

Stacking CDR helps a lot with spamming skills. Another option for Speed Dash is to integrate either the Crimson 2 or Raiment 4 set info Innas 6 using Inna’s Reach. It provides a nice dmg and CDR boost. I6r4 provides nice dash AOE and mobility.

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