Damage Control by Blizzard has started

my thread which had, 100 replies and 2k views and was growing daily has been moved to the forum, Games&Technology.


I see 10 threads in this page talking about Diablo 4 and PoE, none of them got moved. Please move them aswell, cause they will keep coming.

Very nice keep silencing players who tries to give feedback, you game will surely be great if you ignore your player base.


It was propably moved because this section of the forums is for Diablo 3 (and temporary for 4 as well), not for any other game. All PoE related threads should be moved to the Games%Tech section.


:zap: POE 4.0 still looks and plays like crap

:zap: GGG lack the innovation and originality to come up with a new game so they keep milking the same stale stagnant cow they’ve been milking for the past 6 years. They’re one-trick ponies.

Whoever thinks D4 needs to copy POE…kids, don’t do drugs…

PS: and as we keep being told, discussing moderation of a moved/deleted thread is against the rulz…


Damage Control by Blizzard has started

Damage Control hasn’t stopped since 2012, so yeah.


I was talking about how Diablo 4 should have been in my opinion - do essentially I was talking about Diablo 4 improvement.

Many other threads here taking purely about PoE, and they are still here.

Hmm… So several threads about PoE were moved to the Games and Tech forum where they belong. You seem to think you were singled out and “silenced”. Silence means you can’t participate on the forums all.

You seem to take things personally. It is near 9am pacific. Mods are in and starting to sweep up the posts that are in the wrong places. :woman_shrugging:

As a reminder what this forum is for Welcome! Please Read

These forums are here to provide you a friendly environment where you can discuss everything Diablo III with your fellow players.

The Diablo III forums are for discussion of topics directly related to Diablo III.

The forums here are specifically to discuss the game and related topics. Any topics not related to Diablo III, Battle. net, or Blizzard Entertainment are subject to deletion.


It’s not damage control, they’re just taking our the trash.


if i wanted to read about PoE i’d be on poe forums.


I’ve never talked about PoE, I was pointing out to how good Diablo 4 will be if it was going to follow PoE

Kids, don’t do drugs


But D4 needs to go it’s own direction not have people posting topics centered around other games. Then making pitches to use certain aspects of these other games. D4 is at least 2 years out, let it evolve.

Certainly good to see these topics being moved out of D3 general discussion. :wink:

It’s exactly the best time to tell the developers what’s wrong; Diablo 4 gameplay shows alot of things similar to Diablo 3 in fact it looks exactly like Diablo 3 with better graphics. Which is bad.
Very bad.

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if you want D4 to just clone poe, you should just play PoE. let diablo be its own thing. I honestly play pretty much every ARPG on the market, i like the differences between them all. I can see what you’re getting at though, Honestly i’d love to see D4 make it’s own take on the mapping system utilizing the keystone dungeon they teased at blizzcon. Something similar to maps and shaper/elder in PoE where you can roam around doing dungeons chasing an uber boss or bosses around and getting bonus drops etc.

just flat-out cloning PoE wouldn’t be great but taking specific elements and improving them i’d be all for :slight_smile:

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Your jumping the shark, the game demo was a early alpha environment to show current conceptual environment. I doubt it be anything like that as it becomes more sophisticated and the testing gradually expands to further interaction of third party testers.

This is exactly the reason why. You’re welcome to discuss other games—in the appropriate forum.

In addition, this thread was locked for both that reason and because we do not permit conversation regarding moderation actions. You are welcome to contact Customer Support if you’d like to dispute any account actions, but we’re pretty clear about what is and isn’t permitted on our forums in the Code of Conduct. Please refer to it for additional information and refrain from creating redundant topics.