D4: The last class

So I hear the talk of Death knights and Necromancers or Paladins but I think we’re getting a new holy class. It’ll be like the templar but with elements of the Paladin using spear, polearms, or Specters and of course shields. Since both the paladin and templar orders have been disbanded or destroyed… the new class will/should be called the Zealot. it would incorporate elements of the paladin, crusader, templar and amazon with the class itself coming across as weary and a bit unhinged where some of his skills would be questionable such as Fray (where you skin a demon) or Holy Water (Throwing bottles of Boiling hot Holy water on to demons)… you get the idea. I think it could be a fresh take on the holy class. the lore would be that since the fall of these once great orders a few stalwart devoted warriors refuse to give up their beliefs. Their convictions are so strong that they needn’t any formal institution to support their cause though many of their former colleagues question their methods none question their results. The real debate is rather or not these are Righteous Holy Warriors or Sadistic deranged souls hiding behind the church. Their resources could be Cruelty & Compassion or Control, each resource would act in a different way. Cruelty would build similar to the Barb’s Fury while Compassion would act more like DH’s disciple. What you guys think?

Its not a monk… replace all of that with monk and monk lore and you ha e a winner.

It honestly doesn’t seem right to do away with the monk. The monk order seems to have come from nowhere, or a creation of beliefs developed by the decendants of nephalem themselves. It would play into the D4 story quite well. The necromancer summoned lilith because of an inbalance. Necromancers are niether good or evil, they just seek balance. The emergance of very powerful Nephalem, who appear to be tipping the scales towards good, have caused an imbalance. A story isn’t a story without contrasting sides! Monk class would be the perfect class to fit the bill.

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Paladins and Templars being disbanded or destroyed just makes it more enticing to have that epic comeback story.

Paladins and Necros will 100% be back in D4, only question is when.

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Replace “Paladins” with “Monks” and “Templars” with “more monks”. :grin:

Hmmm any fist weapon class… Rather it be Monk, Assassin, or whatever.

The monk & assassin probably will not be back because the combo mechanic is already being used by the rogue. Plus based on the Campfire silhouette… doesn’t look to be the either of them. We have no new classes so far so I think they’ll take a class archetype and twist it in some way to get something new.

it is a p-a-l-a-d-i-n. Classic one.