D4: Questions regarding multiple accounts and platforms

So I’ve already pre-ordered the Digital Deluxe on PC and standard on PS5, both betas are installed. I have three questions regarding Early Access that I haven’t been able to fully verify yet on anything I’ve read online so far.

Assuming the answer to the first two is Yes and hoping the last one is Yes too.

  1. My PS5 version will work for the open beta tomorrow automatically from just pre-ordering it on PS5, right? The actual Open Beta app in the PS Store is the same one that’s available for everyone (even non-Early Access) and I haven’t gotten any e-mails about entering a pre-order code or anything. I DID receive an e-mail regarding my PC copy when the Open Beta app was available to preload.
  2. Did I technically need to also still pre-order the game on PS5 in order to access the early access beta wknd on PS5 even though I did also pre-order it on PC?
  3. Since the Digital Deluxe bonuses are account-bound so you’re supposed to only have to buy them once per account, will the Digital Deluxe Early Access bonus (“up to 4 days early access to release on 6/6/23”) also work on my PS5 copy even though that version is just standard or only on the platform I purchased it on?

Then I also am wondering about how having two separate accounts works as well. We have two PCs and one PS5.

  • Does this mean we would have to buy three copies in total to access both accounts on PC and PS5?
  • The console versions allow more than one account to play on the same console at a time with only one game purchase. But I think the PC version might be account-specific, so would she have to also buy a PC copy of the game or would she be able to play her account on my PC using my copy? I’m hoping it’s just that each copy has a key so I could even download my PC version on her PC too, but only one person could play using that key at a time so if we both wanted to play at the same time, one of us (me) would have to play on PS5 and the other on PC.
  1. I hope you figured this out before last weekend but if not, (at least for x-box) you had to download a separate Diablo 4 beta app.

  2. I would assume yes, in order to play the beta of the game on PS5, you have to pre-order the game again. OR you can get a code and enter it on your console from ordering a specific sandwich (Double Down Sandwich) at KFC just to play the beta.

  3. It is supposed to be cross-progression so I assume you would have access to all of the digital deluxe rewards from pre-ordering only once. I am going to do the same with my PC/XBOX.

I am in the same situation where I have two PCs/accounts/players and a console.

If you want to play on all of your different devices, you will have to buy the base game for each device. On PC, you will have to buy it for each account most likely. This is if Blizzard follows their same model from D2:R and D3 on PC, which I think they will [unfortunately].

The console versions allow more than one account to play on the same console at a time with only one game purchase.

Now that it is live it seems that only the main account that the game was purchased on the PS5 will allow the game to run solo. If my son’s account tries to start the game without me playing first, it will not allow the game to login, giving the No License Error.

Is this working as intended or am I missing something? That is a pretty huge problem for a console game to have.

For example, if I get ahead of him on the questline how does he start the party to make it run on his progress? Are we stuck needing to play co-op only?

I would guess it’s working as intended.

I have the hope that it doesn’t work right now für your son, because the early Access counts as an ingame dlc, just like buying silver works only for you and other ps5 users dont get it.
On tuesday when the game is officially released (and no early Access is required anymore), it should be playable for everyone on the console then… Right?

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