[D4] Lore speculation

Dose the Diablo lore make any reference to the Pale Knights being connected to the Zakarum faith? From one of the blogs, it seems to indicate that the Pale Knight was one of our allies. "Today we’re going to be focusing on Diablo IV character art—player characters, monsters, and allies." If this is the case, would the Pale Knights be in direct opposition to the Triune cult? From Blizccon :point_down:

Finally, we have the zone of Kehjistan. So, Kehjistan was once a much larger Empire that encompassed the sort of forests and jungles surrounding this area; but over time, those borders have kinda shrunk back down to this region that we once called the Borderlands. This is the last bastion of the Zakarum faith. :point_left: Years of decadence and corruption have just caused them to sort of fall apart and lose the hearts and minds of the people who live in this region. They’ve been desperately trying to gain that faith back, but it’s just not going well.

There’s a lot of history buried in the sands under Kehjistan; and speaking of buried, we have these ancient Triune Cult ruins that radiate this dark power — sort of thrumming with dark energy; the triune who is responsible for helping Lilith return to Sanctuary, :point_left: as you saw in our cinematic, they also worship the Prime Evils; and they are hastening their master’s return to Sanctuary.

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Based on what was stated in this year’s June Quarterly Update, I believe that the Pale Knight is indeed an ally.

However, I don’t think they’re connected to the Zakarum Faith (at least I haven’t seen anything to suggest that they are). The primary reason I believe this, is because the insignia that the Pale Knight bares doesn’t match up with the Zakarum’s.

Video showing the Pale Knight

Rogue Trailer that shows the Zakarum insignia:

Of course, there’s always the possibility that the Zakarum changed their insignia, so we can’t rule out the possibility that the Pale Knight is indeed connected to the Zakarum; however I doubt that’s the case. We also know that the Pale Knight isn’t a part of the Crusaders, as the Knight lacks a flail, which is considered crucial to a Crusader.

Now if the Pale Knight is indeed from an organization, I would think that they’d are a member of a newly founded Templar Order (perhaps revived by Kormac after the events of Diablo 3 RoS).

Or it could even be that this Pale Knight isn’t a part of any organizations at all, and instead just some person who took the gear off a dead knight, as a means of defending themselves.

All in all, that’s simply my own guess based on the little info we have pertaining to the Pale Knight. But I most certainly can’t wait for further info, be it this upcoming quarterly update, or an update next year.


Maybe the fifth class is a Pale Knight seeking redemption? Yeah, why not? We all get fixated too much on Iron Wolves but this is a good possibility too.

Maybe the Pale Knight is a follower/mercenary?


Wish they would focus on Lore with Diablo 4. Somekind of Lore Chamber sounds nice to me. Of course you gotta play and unlock the Chamber, piece by piece. While you’re in the Chamber, theres great music.

I wonder how the lore will play out if we can go to any place at any time.
I hope it has some type of coherent development and is not all over the place.

I don’t think we’ll be able to go to any place at any time (at least not without the help of friends). If I remember correctly, they had stated that we can start from any of the regions we want. However based on what they had said regarding the campaign, where the campaign is private until we beat it in which the area becomes public; I think that we’ll see there will be parts of the region that aren’t available to us until we’ve completed certain campaign elements.

For example, they may have it where we can’t yet cross one of the Dry Steppes deserts, as the heat had been unnatuarlly increased, in which we’d either be required to find a person who could cast a temporary heat resistance spell on our characters to allow us to enter the desert and find the source of the unnatural heat and end it.
Another possibility could be that areas of the Fractured Peaks had been blocked off by large glaciers of ice that’s been enchanted by a demon to not melt or break. And we’d need to kill the demon’s followers and use their blood to create a tonic to break the enchantment which would allow us to pass through.

At least that’s what I expect to see from the 5 regions and their campaigns; and by completing all 5 region campaigns would likely unlock a 6th area and/or region which could likely be Hell itself (or somewhere deeply connected to Hell), and upon completing said area we’ll be able to face the last boss of the base game.

I must have missed it; I was under the impression that we always started in that underground area in Scosglen.
I do not have any inside scoop, but the access to hell might be under Kehjistan, just my uneducated opinion.

Yeah, unless I got it wrong (in which case I apologize), they had stated that we can go in any order when it comes to the regions. So if someone wanted to do the Dry Steppes region first, followed by Scoslgen region, then they can. Another person though, may want to start with Scosglen first and then the Fractured Peaks second.

They did, but then I thought someone saw areas with levels on them. I don’t mind forging your own path, but a linear path tells a more cohesive story. Varied paths, though, relieve the repetition and monotony of the linear path.

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They said that part was well into the zones story back then.

WoW has a quest sync system when partying up with others at different points, so someone nearly finished can party with those just starting and start over, sans rewards already received.

Agreed. Which is why I don’t think (as well as kind of hope) that the regions will be fully and/or freely explorable for newly created characters, and instead some areas have to be unlocked, in which the region can then be further explored.

I’m hoping for zones to be similar to WoDs zones, but instead of max level daily zones, they will be scaled like 5-10 levels above your character, if they allow for any zone in any order. That way there will still be something to come back for later, or something to give you challenge while leveling.

Ultimately, I feel we will get a 5 act/zone linear structured campaign that we will need to complete once per account to unlock adventure/free mode for all future characters.

I hope for one thing: CAIN RESURRECTION. Killing him was a BIG mistake in D3. I want him back.

Being able to tackle different areas in any order seems interesting though there are some concerns with “story” (not that it really matters) in that, say, the sequence of events may be out of order unless they are independent of place and occur merely by a matter of time.

I do not see that happening, Cain was old and would have most likely died anyway.
The events in D4 take place decades after D3 with 90% of the people killed.

How would they do that he was cremated.

Maybe there are leftover pieces, a little blood, some skin, a piece of hair… depending how magic works, that may be more than enough. In real life occult belief, that’d be sufficient to make a simulacrum or a clone.

He’s more likely to only appear as a spirit/apparition or in a dream for a quest or something. He was laid to rest in D3.

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He wasn’t “laid to rest”. He was laid to WASTE. :confused: Think about it. There is NO REASON to kill this character. It’s idiocy. It’s like killing off Alfred in Batman. You just DON’T do that. XD