D4 is a buggy mess. 2 months? no way in hell

you have too be kidding me. game is being rushed, it’s a disaster.

imagine the dupe and game breaking bugs that will be there on release. it’s going to be the worst diablo release ever. economy wont last 6 hours before someone has 60 trillion gold. thank god i didnt waste a single second playing this game.


Waited 30 minutes to get into play, played 5 minutes then kicked out. Hit a button and one of the options was to pre-purchase the game. I really hope they don’t push the push the purchase cosmetic stuff like DI. Now I get to wait into another 30 minute que.
My D4 experiance was great.

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More posts with your youtube crush?



That’s the least of their worries.

We’re making a BRAND NEW game so we’re gonna copy/paste all the classes from a 20+ year old game and then we’re gonna pretend we’ve been too busy to fill you in on how much stupider we’re turning this game into by removing everything that requires a shred of thought gameplay-wise.

Each class literally has just 1-2 new skills, everything else is from D2. So frikkin laughable it’s not even funny.

If I wanna play the boring D2 sorceress I’ll reinstall D2R…and that’s something I will NEVER do. Not pay $140 for a deluxe alleged-brand-new game.

Even the Immortal team showed more innovation than this! Remember how Arcane Wind kicks up fiery embers if cast over burning ground and ignites enemies? Does D4 have anything of the sort, or is that also too complicated for us to grasp so they removed it too?


Well my GPU is too old to play the game as it keeps crashing when trying to load D4 so I guess that’s a nope for me. Glad they had this free beta to confirm I can’t play the game lol.

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Same… my GPU can roll most recent games… most recent I’m playing is Hogwart Legacy… but, can’t roll the amuzing state of the art D4 without crash every 10 minutes between 60 minutes queue.

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Have to agree with Bravata here that if this game was so buggy and not tested well, how are they going to fix everything in 2 months timeframe knowing that Blizzard always take their sweet time to do anything.

I don’t see an easy path to fixing D4. I struggle to find anything unique (well, good unique) about it. It is drab, uninspired, hogwash.

It comes across as a really bad mobile to PC port. They’d be doing themselves a favor to just make the game free to play and continue with their plan to sell cosmetics.

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A completely revamped skill tree, something like Last Epohcs skill tree per skill for example, would go a long way.
Then do the same for items. It is kinda awful when itemization seemed better 2 years ago in blog posts than it does now.

That’s a start, but what about the pale graphics, soundtrack, UI, netcode, etc… it is really in a bad state. It reeks of corporate mismanagement → department heads that have to sign off on minute changes, middle managers, pressure from shareholders. :face_vomiting:

what about it’s a beta for test purposes and not the whole game with top graphics and sound put in because it’s only a Beta

this isnt a beta, this is a marketing ploy. there’s literally a popup in game begging you to buy the game. beta ended last week. now they are just trying to push sales and the game isnt even half way finished. this is a monumental FF14 rushed release type disaster.

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Embarrassing isn’t it? He totally slates a game he openly admits he’s not played for one second.

Then does it again in further posts.

Think he’s got the hots for asmongold and needs a bonk from the horny hammer.

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Let me ask you a question. Do you like to sit? How do you feel about benches?



You cant possibly believe this :smiley:


People generally don’t understand what open beta means. The game is finished, what we see is what we’re getting at launch. This is just to stress test the servers for launch

They MIGHT make a few tweaks here and there between now and launch, but there isn’t going to be any major changes

The reality is that D4 will reach full maturity after a DECADE of updates, just like D2 and D3. I expect a highly polished, nearly flawless D4 experience around 2033.

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My thoughts on Diablo 4.

  1. If Blizzard continues down this path we might be looking at the next Cyberpunk 2077. Basically unplayable for the next two years. Even though it’s still in beta, too many bugs and crashes are happening at the wrong time. The game actually crashed during a pre-purchase advert. This sealed the deal on me not buying Diablo 4.

  2. There is one simple solution to most of the problems. Diablo 2 had two icons. One for multiplayer mode and one for single player mode. When you first launch GTA 5 you can chose story mode or online mode. Unfortunately Blizzard will not rid Diablo 4 of MMO format. Mainly because it is easier to sell you microtransactions online than it is offline.

  3. Blizzard does not care what any of us think about Diablo 4. If they did Art Peshkov would never lock any of his posts. This proves two things. One, Mr. Peshkov isn’t willing to take any heat, and two, he does not care about fan input.

  4. There is nothing arbitrary about the release date. The mark of the beast is 666. However 2023 adds up to 7 not 6. The number 667 sounds more like a bad Max Payne joke. Given the horrible state that Diablo 4 is in perhaps Blizzard should shoot for 6/6/2031.

  1. I didn’t find any bugs and I didn’t have a SINGLE crash as of 26.03.2023. Maybe you have some problems with your rig.

  2. D4 is not an “MMO”. It’s an OPEN WORLD game. This kind of design is VERY popular among game developers these days and for a good reason. There is a HUGE difference between an MMO and an Open World game.

  3. I’m pretty sure Blizzard is watching their beta forums and is looking for some CONSTRUCTIVE feedback. Definitely they are not looking for the mindless HATE “vomited” by some people.

  4. I think they are trying too hard to hit that date. There was an Omen movie released on 06.06.2006. IMO, they should NOT try to hard to hit that date, but… they WILL try hard and the initial version of the game will suffer a bit. It will probably will not be like Cyberpunk 2077 calamity, but you can expect a BIG patch a week after the initial release.