D4 HC - DC system

i would like D4 to kick you out of the game instantly when you disconnect…no more of this timer nonsense…

hell, i would like this to change in diablo 3 as well…but not expecting any miracles.


I tottally agree… loosing para 96 character when 100 was max due to DC was such a nonsense… I think majority of my HC deaths ware due to disconets or when my router decided to update…:frowning:

See this is a tricky problem here. On one hand, you have internet service providers like mine who constantly disconnect/restart services late at night or anytime during the day, which has happened to my MANY times in diablo 3 and it’s a guarenteed death. Not to mention power outages, power flickers, and even just ANY internet connection disruption. This pretty much makes hardcore unplayable if you don’t have a anti-power-outtage power supply for your PC and your wifi/modem. These are clear reasons why me and anyone else would want instant disconnect.

On the other hand, you’ll have people abusing the instant disconnect to cheat their way out of a death. Get cornered with no where to go? Just DC and you’re safe.

To be honest I’d rather have the instant disconnect because I really want to play HC. But can’t tell you how many times I’ve died at max level with gg gear just because my power or internet flickered. It’s literally a guarenteed death because your char just sits there for (what is it, something stupid like 30 seconds?) and bck then all mercenaries were too weak to clear crap from the screen.


Exactly. And what Hardcore (HC) players will have is a game mode where half the players are actually “hardcore” and the other half use the exploit that you just described. It would be like HC mode, except, to quote Mayor Pete, “[…] for those who want it.” That would leave many HC players uninsured… er, I mean, unsatisfied.

I want to highlight this because I think that it adds an important piece to the conversation. A player is not “instantly” disconnected from the server under any circumstance, unless the server itself is shut down for maintenance, etc. The ten-second exit timer applies to players who leave the game manually, for the logical reason you stated above.

When a player loses internet connection, however, their hero remains in the game longer than ten seconds, sometimes upward of one minute. Why? The likeliest (and simplest) explanation is that when the server cannot receive a manual input from the player to terminate a game session, the server must do so autonomously – but only once it establishes that communication has been severed. Whatever the reason for this delay, it amounts to a not-insubstantial length of time that is not a fixed period like the ten-second exit timer. Therefore, it is not something that can be feasibly removed, unless technology allows for it to be removed.


Sorry, no.

Blizzard created this “problem”. The game is always online (something useless for the players when an offline mode would never impact online version if they didn’t alow it).

Diablo 2 allowed insta disconnect, hardcore was never considered easy because of it. Path of exile is online and allows insta disconnect. D3 is even more unforgivable with the damage bursts we receive at higher levels of play.

The tech could not possibly be restrictive here. It is all a matter of wanting to do it or not. If they wanted to put a delay of 1-2 seconds to double check player connection it would be reasonable, not more.

If people felt this made hardcore less then it is, too bad. the game is plenty unforgiven and should be even more, but forcing a large number of hardcore lovers to be frustrated and die over anything other then their hability and decision making is not justifiable. Not even to fight the possibility of someone abusing a system to improve their survivability.

i feel there is a FAR greater benefit to save many players from dc deaths than the negative of someone exiting the game on near death situations


A “far greater benefit” to whom, exactly? Do you mean the hapless Hardcore (HC) players it would presumably save? Or the players who would feel more inclined to try HC mode if they did not have to worry about a bad internet connection? Both, maybe? Or are you simply referring to yourself?

Because any of the above arguments would be a fair point to make. Personally, I would have to agree with you on any of those points. I do not like the online-only restriction, because I play solo. And such an exploit would not lessen my overall HC experience, because I do not compete with others. But there are also players who feel exactly the opposite, and their views on the subject are as valid as ours.

But because our views do not reflect the present situation, there is a clear and simple choice to make: One can either be the spoiled child who holds their breath and stamps their feet, or the adult who does their research and due diligence before they decide to create a HC hero. As a longtime HC player, I have learned that a player’s faith is better placed in a good wired router than a deus ex machina. Because only one of those two things will reliably spare you from being disconnected. Hint: It’s the wired router!

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I’m sorry but the “people will abuse it” argument is utter trash to me. First of all if people want to cheat then let them, if that’s how they want to play the game then all the more power to them. Basically it’s like saying Blizzard is intentionally going to make a faulty system in order to screw over people playing legitimately because someone might not be…? And the thing is even if those players do take advantage of the system to survive how does it effect me? They appear higher on the leader boards? I couldn’t care less about that. The leader boards are pure vanity anyways and if a player needs to cheat to get on it then all the more power to them, they know deep down they suck and don’t belong on it, but otherwise it doesn’t impact me at all.

Blizzard should absolutely 100% have more protection in place for DC’s and crashes, particularly if they’re going to pointlessly force players to be online. I’d love to play a HC character offline, especially because I couldn’t care less about the leader boards (literally never even looked at them) and it would cut out more potential issues outside of my control.

If anything the leader boards are already faulty because the people on it are just lucky in that they’ve happened to be playing during times they weren’t booted out of the game, how different do you think those boards would be if players who lost their characters through unfair means were still on it?

This is one of those cases where I feel Blizzard kind of just drags the mode down and punishes those of us who play legitimately just to screw over players who don’t, despite the fact that those players who do abuse it have absolutely 0 impact on my enjoyment outside them being the indirect cause of Blizzard intentionally making a faulty always online permadeath system, so unfortunately I can’t say I see both sides of the story here the system is built faulty to protect it against people who don’t matter in the first place.

If my character dies in HC I want it to be because I was actually killed. Not because some bull where the game ran into an error or the servers crashed.

So a genuine question for those of you who have brought this up. If another player is about to die and he decides to cheese it by disconnecting the game, why do you care about that at all? Can any of you actually explain how this impacts your enjoyment of the game? Maybe if you’re obsessed with being at the top of the leader boards (despite it being pure vanity) and you feel it’s unfair that someone could abuse this, well news for you, those leaderboards are already not exactly perfect because you got to keep in mind tons and tons of legitimate players who SHOULD be on the leader boards are not because they probably had the game crash or D/C at the wrong moment, all your doing is comparing yourself to those who are lucky enough to not have that happen to them yet.

Honestly I love HC mode a lot. I just wish Blizzard would actually take steps to improve it for those of us who want to play it properly instead of getting screwed over by a system designed around screwing over someone who might be cheesing their game.

Because some people expect an exploit-free game from a company that actively encourages players to compete against each other. A spot on the leader boards is an accomplishment that validates the time and effort they have put into the game. So it is not “vanity” to them.

And there is no way to quantify the number of players who “should” be on the leader boards, because your assumption that only the luckiest of skilled players earn a spot on the leader boards is false. A player is not “lucky” because they have a reliable wired internet connection and a modern computer with updated drivers. Your experience is an outlier. And your time would be better spent in the Technical Support forum than ranting about it here.


Isichar, if you don’t care about vanity and only play solo, then the hardcore you want already exists. Play softcore, and if you die for legitimate reasons delete your character and start over. If you die due to connection loss, don’t delete your character. You will lose out on the vanity of the character being labeled hardcore, but you will keep everything else.

Personally, I care because, yes, I like to compete. I won’t ever be at the top of the leaderboards, but I will know how i stack up, and I will know how I compare against my friends. Exploits make that difficult or impossible. Furthermore, since I don’t play exclusively solo, exploits will distort the trading/charity markets in a way that will impact my gameplay.

I have a wired router, and twice in the last month Comcast, the only ISP in my building, has turned off the internet for what seems to be planned, unannounced maintenance (no, Comcast, I don’t believe that it randomly went out at exactly 2 a.m.). If my hero can kill Malthael, I don’t want him slain by Xfinity.


That absolutely 100% is vanity and it’s stupid because you’re actively advocating for legitimate players to get screwed over because you’re so concerned about comparing yourself to others that even the possibility that someone might be on that list who hasn’t earned it is worth having tons of other people screwed over. It literally doesn’t effect your gameplay at all but because of some arbitrary need to compete to feel “validation” as you put it, the system is intentionally built faulty. Sorry if that’s not a great excuse for me. While there’s no way to to quantify how many players would be on the board otherwise it’s safe to say that many players who should have been on it are not as a result, so yeah the players who do well on it are to some degree just lucky they didn’t have a server go down during the wrong moment. It doesn’t matter how skilled you are or how much you prepare, if your game goes down in a boss fight it’s GG, having a great computer and reliable internet will help sure, but if you’re trying to imply that these problems can only happen as a result of the players faulty computer or bad ISP than you’re delusional.

Look, it’s fine if you like the leaderboards and prefer this method, just understand you’re defending a system that is built to screw over legit players for nothing more than your misguided vanity and that’s frustrating for those of us who just want to challenge ourselves to see how far we can go on our own skill without being randomly screwed over by something outside of our control just so others can measure their epeens on the leaderboards. It was Blizzards choice to force people to always be online, and thus their choice to not give me an offline avenue where none of this would matter in the first place, which would have made the whole leaderboards irrelevant.

Again, the system you want already exists. It just takes playing softcore and using self-discipline.

Your argument is flawd. Giving feedback and making noise over an issue is not always being an spoiled child, it can be a way to promote change. D4 Devs are actively seeking feedback. Hardcore is not even developed yet. THIS is the time to make sure this topic is alive and that we win the arguments agaisnt those who want the delay to be implemented.

It’s not a loosing battle, POE developed their game considering the possibility of people closing their games.
That includes simple things like no Cheat death passives. It’s something that makes Hardcore even more faithful to it’s roots AND solves most of the problem with not having a delay.

Wow supports far more players, allows 3rd party addons (free often very complex and large mods written by players of questionable programming skills) in an environment that is far, far larger and more complicated than anything in D3. I’ve been in pvp combat with hundreds of players in very small spaces with players who are literally from every corner of the world. The lag can get awful in those situations but the game just keeps working.

Blizz definitely knows how to do stable, large-scale network connections. The lag isn’t an issue unless you are in a sizable pvp battle (basically anything bigger than 20-vs-20) and from a distant corner of the world.

They should be able to deliver something that is the same or better for d4.

It’s never going to be perfect and I doubt that the “dc detection” players want will be possible, but better stability should be expected.

i personally dont enjoy rifting for keys, knowing the ONLY possible way i can die is to disconnect

i dont enjoy entering certain GRs knowing the ONLY possible way i can die is to disconnect

i dont believe the current system is a good one and i would not like to see this in diablo 4


By that logic though hardcore shouldn’t even need to exist at all, as you can play any game like that if you choose to. Even with that option available (which I still feel is not quite the same for a number of reasons) it still overlooks a fundamental issue (as I see it at least) with the system that is currently in place, which I would like to see improved upon to prevent players from losing their characters unfairly which is imo is completely against the spirit of hardcore.

For the last few seasons, it got really bad for me, I dont know if it’s my ISP or D3 server, but it’s like, the last time I died from non-lag/dc related issue, it was season 9 or smth, it’s annoying, coz you can’t push, and the whole playing experience is diminished as I’m constantly playing in a “stutter” mode… Now when I’m playing pub games, I have to be “That guy” that turns in bounties after each act, coz I will probably dc before the run is over, and will lose all caches… It’s just not fun to play that way.

I was HC player since the game came out, and I’m really hoping they implement more stable servers for D4, otherwise I might have to go the sc route… which is just ugh…

How does it work in starcraft ? I remember when playing with my friend, as soon as we started lagging the game would pause, and if one of us disconnected the game would litteraly stop for 1 minute then allow you to kick or keep waiting … would that NOT be possible in Diablo 4 ?

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Totally agree. Back to diablo 3 for the new season, and just lost my character due to a connection lost for no reason.
The 10 seconds timer makes a disconnect an instant die.
A lot of hours spent in a character to die this way makes you feel awful, besides loosing a powerful gear.
I vote for instant quit when connection is closed, or pause the game if playing solo game, and be able to resume when reconnected.

Group play is the only way to avoid the DC deaths in HC. If you are a solo player, then you are rolling the dice, because its not a question of if, but just a question of when.

To be honest the game is so watered down, that if I didn’t play HC I would lose interest in less than a month. The prospect of death and the loss of a player is a badge of honor. Considering it takes less than a week or 2 of sporadic play to get good gear, and the paragon system is shared account wide losing a toon is almost trivial now.

None the less its like the old saying goes, “If you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen.” or in this case, if you can’t stand the HC mechanics, head over to SC.