D4 - Give us Option to Disable Keyboard Lighting!

Like D3, D4 also takes over keyboard lighting control with no option to disable it other than to disable it for everything via control software. I can live with the color change and such but that full kb flash every time I level is super annoying. That plus what do you think might happen if someone has issues w/ flashing lights and they keep getting blasted by their keyboard?

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I’ve never had either game do that.

Um…that’s news to me.

Like in D3, D4 is also turning my keys all red. And D4 also dims any key I haven’t unlocked yet, like 1-4. But unlike D3, D4 is literally blasting my eyes will a full white flash each time I level, and like D3 no in-game setting to disable it :frowning:

Edit: This is on a Corsair K95 Plat XT

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Having same issue, it overides my lightprofile in the icue app even. Every time i launch the game :disappointed:

If you have the latest iCue app, you can block it on a per-program basis.

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