D4 feedback/bugs

Firstly i can’t find a D4 beta feedback or bugs forum? Every time i port back to town I get kicked to character screen or the game crashes. We need a limit on how many characters are visible or something because on ps4 and similar consoles, the extra players runnin about brings forth extra load times and huge frame drops. Why doesn’t druid have more ways to heal, and yet i hardly have to use potions on a rogue because she’s bobbing and weaving constantly. Poison for werewolf abilities are trash, yes even rabies. Is armor going to stay capped at 50% on release? Im not buying this if it is, capping out armor by lv10 is kind of bad.

You can find them here:


Keep feedback and bugs separate.

If you’re playing on console, use the appropriate Console Forums.

Heard that, just didn’t know where to look, thanks guys, also i think i misunderstood how armor works.