[D4] Could this class work with the lore?

If angels and demons can have offspring, what about Demons (succubus) and Nephilim?

New class: The Tiefling

Tieflings are primarily human in ancestry, but draw part of their bloodline from powerful evil beings. Each class in D4 will have a special ability. These 4 passive can be the Tiefling’s special ability.

  • Hellish Rebuke: Creatures that damaged you are momentarily surrounded by flames. :fire:
  • Hellish Resistance: You have resistance to fire damage. :shield:
  • Darkvision: You can see in dim light within 20 feet of you as if it were bright light. :sunglasses:
  • Flame Tongue: Any melee weapon you use also does additional fire damage. :crossed_swords:

These passives will increase in power as you level. If you pick this class these passive abilities are automatically unlocked at level 1. Regardless of how you customize your look, a Tiefling must have:

  • Horns.
  • A Tail.
  • Sharp Teeth.

Maybe instead of being called tiefling {because of D&D} it could be a dark knight or a dark acolyte or something like that if you’re going by just class. Because in D&D tiefling is a race. Or just a Shadow angel.

This has happened before, and the offspring are still human, they may have some kind of physiological characteristic but nothing out of the ordinary and they are weaker than normal humans, it takes several generations to correct this.

When Astrogha rejected his vessel it was because he recognized Zayl as his descendant, easier and better host to possess.

The “half-demon” is more traditionally known as a cambion, and since that term cannot be copyrighted or trademarked given it stems from mythology, it seems nearly perfect plus the fact that the term is most likely etymologically related to changeling or at least with a similar conceit.

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While I believe Leah, would find it flattering to think of herself in those terms, the idea of brokering a deal with either side seems outlandish.

The main conflict centered around the constructions of war, but this had been called a holding action, or hold out. The actions of individuals are fairly pointless, because of that.