[D4 blog] when do they close down for the holidays?

There aren’t many big companies that do EA anyways since they have other revenue generating sources. EA has always been to fundraise not to get a better game through testing. A very small amount of players are really interested is testing and reporting actual issues. A beta testing period is more effective than a lengthy EA.

Also this guy wants a QA staff of 200K. Dude has lost his mind. Probably side effects of time travel.


Any player not wanting EA is stupid. EA serves for a better game.

Yes. They need twice more in Blizzard to put a semi-working game for launch.

No wonder companies want their QA staff laid off, right? wink wink :wink: Raven.

I think that’s his style of trolling. Creating a big hype train… I’m not entirely sure.
I tried to talk about the balance between budget plans, advertisement campaigns and investor happiness. If he wants to shove all aside and think that early access is the way to go, so be it. Company haven’t release a new intellectual property since 6 years and their admiral ship, World of Warcraft, is on the decline. That’s not a good spot to be experimental in my opinion.

Any developer wanting early access must be stupid when their model is simply putting all eggs in one basket for production costs. With crunch culture in modern game development you can never tell if you’re playing an early access hot garbage or a rigid game at full release anyway. So you don’t have to worry. All those effort towards designing and modelling exclusive rewards to allure people into buying early access could be used at making the game better and developing progress.

Technicalities and budget calculations of bigger scale titles don’t care about the thoughts of any individual but statistics. In short, developers couldn’t care less about your demands when the task at hand is complex as it is and liabilities rest on them for the upcoming five year profit plans of the company until they can line up another title for release.
Other companies that do early access on games usually have dips and profits at other sectors or have many different titles on the line for release at each year already, so they never fall out of scene. If Blizzard have planned their budget, they’re welcome to try early access but I can’t see it happening.

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Name me one gaming company that has 200K employees in total? My god you are so full of it. Seriously do you even read what you type?

They are greedy enough to never launch a game with EA. That’s for sure. We are not part of Blizzard however. If players don’t want EA they are okay with getting a D2R-like mess which from my pov makes them (the players) stupid.

If you continue with the idiotic posts I am banning you. You have the privilege of being warned about it.

Whatever troll dude from the future.

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