[D4 blog] when do they close down for the holidays?


It’s a pretty beefy one that covers systems updates and a great deep dive into game FX with some awesome assets.

I wonder why he didn’t mention the endgame.
(even if in my opinion a good early and a good mid game are much more important and interessting as just a good endgame).

We will see. I’m happy about almost every diablo iv news, but of course i hope for a big update. To delete the announced endgame content (for/in the update) would be a bad choice.

No idea. However, my guess had always (and still is) been that it would be in the middle of the month (like last year’s). So if it does release in the middle of the month, then today would be the day.

If not today, then honestly I have no idea, besides the possibility that it could be either before Christmas (early christmas gift), or after Christmas and before New Years.

I don’t think we’ll have to worry. If anything, I think we’ll see info regarding a myriads of system updates (including endgame content). Either way, we’ll learn soon enough.

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I love you right now. I am happy that it will be out soon and not go over into next month. D2R had a twitch stream with some developers yesterday. So, give us some good news for D4 please. :pray:


Because the game is at least 3 years away from release…plenty of time for that.

You know that they mentioned the ,endgame’’ a few times before as content for this quarterly update, right?

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“We hope you enjoy this update and look forward to your thoughts and reactions. As promised, our next blog will cover endgame systems and visual effects. It’s been a while since we looked at systems, and there’s a lot we’re excited to share. Let us know what topics you’d like to hear about in the future too!”

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Lol if you’re expecting their current iteration of endgame to remain even half the same by release, which is at least 3 years away, which means everything is subject to change…

Oh deer. Ya’ll feel free to play the role of Skelos, but I’ll stick with the reality of game development, especially one as dodgy as Blizzard’s.

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Waiting that long will kill it for me, pretty close to giving up as it is.

Well there goes all the hype. The focus of this blog will yet again be on behind the scenes type of work. We are not all aspiring game devs, we don’t care THAT much about how the visuals or animations came to be.

You rarely change endgame systems a couple months or even a year prior to release. That is why it is important to give an early glance of their ideas so that they can know whether they’re on the “right track” or not. I would’ve trusted old Blizzard to get it right with very little input from the players, but this version needs all the help it can get.

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No one knows. The last financial report went out of its way to mention D4 not being in the 2022 release schedule. So I’ll bet 2023 holiday.


Yeah, the post should come in the next hours.

Please do not give up I would miss you on the forum. Hopefully a D4 beta first half of 2023.

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Tbh this is the blog post I am most hyped about until now since they’ll share a real 2 years progress since announce.

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Which would have meant a 2022 release. Jay Wilson took over D3 reboot in 2006 after 5 years of Blizzard North’s not even close to being playable version, and released it in 2012.

Current D4 iteration started in 2016, meaning 2022. Which lined up with the last shareholder report where they mentioned D4 not releasing in 2022. It will be in 2023.

You hope :stuck_out_tongue:

2023 always made more sense anyway. 2022 is supposedly a WoW expansion year. And Diablo Immortal.
I could very easily see it being first haf of 2024 too however, then it is still kept out of WoW expansion release timeframe.

Then there was zero reason to even mention that D4 was delayed when mentioning OW2 and the big year of 2022 releases they talked about long before.

Exactly, maybe they were looking at 2022 but with all that has happened they just need more time. I will still be looking for a D4 beta in 2022.

I’m certain they were looking at a late 2022 release.

They are talking to investors and their expectations. Neither D4 nor OW2 was confirmed as 2022 releases, so in theory they could have said nothing. But if investors were looking at 2022 as possible release year, no matter how wrong they might be, ATVI might want to kill such hopes, instead of getting blamed for a lack of information later on.

I do believe ATVI (maybe more than Blizzard) might have been aiming at 2022 though. Just that it was likely never going to hit that date, even without all the corona and lets-harass-our-employees delays.

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