[D4 blog] when do they close down for the holidays?

It will either be today or Wednesday. This affects the blog date, as well.

Twitter account said today.

Which one? Do you have a link?

I just looked. It was the official Diablo account. I may have assumed the gifts from hell 1pm est announcement was the D4 blog. Anything happen at 1pm?

This? :point_down:

If they start Early Access in Q1 2022 that would be exactly 2 years of testing which would serve for a very polished game at launch. We’ll see what they tell us in the blog post!

Ahh. Don’t play it so I wouldn’t have known. I think when I clicked on that pez radar tweet and saw that Diablo one at the same time.

It looks like the streamers and content creators are getting more free gifts from Blizzard.

  • Some of the people I know already have the gift.

There’s a secret inside the head from the gift (don’t tell them).

Looks like all you need to do is tweet back or whatever to the official one to get the gift. So many of these freebies all over the place and I can’t be encouraged to create any SM account to get any.

How’d that work out for Wolcen and it’s 4 years of EA? Please stop it with this trite.

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Wait, I thought it was an ingame thing?

It’s a real box. They have to break the head for the secret. Possibly no other than 1 person knows this atm.

EA will improve D4. It will be outdated on release anyway, so why not release it polished at least? You do realize without an EA D4 will be a catastrophe on release, right?

When I first heard it, I was expecting a blog post about Diablo 4 to be honest.

They are waiting for them to find the secret.

Every game is outdated on release. It’s one reason Star Citizen will never release and gets constant graphical overhauls. D4 doesn’t need EA, since it is just a means for fu draising and getting people to pay you to test a game instead of having internal QA. Blizzard will have a beta period just like normal game companies not in need of a cash injection to work on their project.

It needs an EA indeed. Haven’t you seen what happened with D2R? D4 will follow the same route. It needs real players and a good EA period so that it releases polished.

The Diablo community wants a polished game and that comes ONLY through proper EA. Blizzard are incapable to deliver a bug free game without an EA.

Don’t really care about D2R, but my friend that plays is having fun.

Wolcen enters the chat.

(Wolcen was a pretty good effort btw, D4 has plenty to learn from it, but yeah, it made D2Rs launch issues seem like nothing)

Outside of the first few hours of rollbacks, game ran perfectly fine for me. But I get that some people had issues for much longer.