D3/D4 Keyboard/Mouse support for Consoles

Rather than necro a previous thread, I thought I’d try again.

I’m a service connected disabled vet with hand tremors. I’m good enough to do GR100 on easier toons like WhirlRend, Inna builds (fire allys, WoL) and several DH builds (UE and Marauder), but not much past that.

A massive QoL improvement would be to include KB+M support. I already have my accessibility stuff from my computer, so it’d make the game experience so much more fun and enjoyable.

Especially as more and more people are replacing their gaming rigs with consoles (lack of graphics cards, much higher cost of computer parts over all, etc), Keyboard/mouse support helps so much, especially for those of us with accessibility concerns who struggle to use the console type controllers.

I’d actually come back to WoW if they were on the console with Keyboard/Mouse support and was shocked to find out FF XIV had it and it works fabulously.

Anyway, I really hope this feature is at least in consideration for D4 and future iterations of Blizz IP. I’m on the fence with D4, but honestly Keyboard/Mouse support would be enough to push me into a day 1 buyer… it’s that important.

D3 support, you have to go through something like a Cronus Zen or XIM. How those will work, I don’t know.

As far as D4, who knows. I believe D2R doesn’t support the keyboard and mouse, despite all modern consoles having native support for a keyboard and mouse. But other Activision games do natively support it, so you don’t have to go through these weird 3rd party approaches. That said, I feel they should. The PS5 & XBSX are honestly strong enough to play modern games just as good as your average PC, and it would be nice to have more support for both gamepads + kbm, rather than restrictive support.

They announced that D4 can be played with a controller on PC, but I don’t recall them saying that it could be played with KBM on a console.