D3 won't start with MacOS 10.15.7

After the OS update was applied D3 no longer launches. It starts then stops responding. All I can do is force it to quit. Was working fine before the update.

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Yes I have this issue too though I don’t know if I am on the same macOS update as you. I am on one of the big sur updates and I have the exact same issue as you. Have you found a solution? No one answered my thread either

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  1. This thread is from December 2020, i.e. a year ago.
  2. The OP never posted again.
  3. The OP has a seasonal hero - Millie - which shows “Last updated on Dec 30, 2021 8:37 AM PST” so they resolved it somehow.
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Same issue. I’m running Mac OS Monterey with the M1Pro chip. Just purchased so would like a resolution

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I have the exact same Mac (well mine is 16"), and mine runs very well… puzzling

I can get the game to run, but it runs very poorly (takes a long time to load new game assets) and when I try to run the actual game i.e. start playing instead of just playing in the menus, it crashes without any error message.

So the game doesn’t work in other words. Can we get some sort of refund? Do I have to buy the nintendo switch version just to play?