D3 Season 28 conquest bug

So, I have completed 3 conquest in season 28 with my name on the leaderboard, which includes the completion dates. The seasonal quest tracker is recognizing that I have completed conquest 2 because I got the quest completed for that, but it is not recognizing a 3rd. I put in a ticket with the same 3 screenshots and was told “there is no issue” by a GM. My only recourse is to post my problem here. What good does it do to make a ticket only to be told they can’t help me and that I need to get the support of the community to get my problem solved, great customer service. Am I crazy here or does everyone else see that I have completed 3 conquest?

Here is the link to the screenshots.


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Console bugs belong to console bug report section. Please move the thread there.

This forum is for bugs on the PC only.

You can move this thread to the correct forum by clicking the pencil icon beside the title of your post and selecting “Console Bug Report”.

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I think you mean Season 27.

As @VitaKaninen suggested, you should move this to the Console Bug Report Forum.

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Thank you for the input folks. I just clicked on the bug report link the GM provided in his response to my ticket and was not aware there was a separate PC and Console report section.


At any point, did you save scum?

That would be my first guess. That you completed a conquest at some point, did something else, and save scummed, so the local save no longer had the conquest complete. The leaderboards aren’t local, so they’d have you having completed them, but I believe the season journey is local. Don’t take my word on that though.

My best suggestion would just to get another conquest out of the way. Not ideal, but your issue isn’t that big of a problem, and just completing another one is probably far faster for completing the season journey portion than waiting for a person at Blizzard to fix your situation.

Had a similar thing…

Solution at the end of the post. Did GR45 for Hardcore too to complete the journey.
For such a long season it was not wrong at the end - I had a bit more fun in hardcore. But the troubleshooting was annoying and at the end I was not able to solve the issue without doing a “short” HC session :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help everyone. I think I’ll just deal with doing an extra conquest and be done with it. Ever since Activision took over the Blizzard customer service has really gone down the drain. I appreciate y’all’s support!