D3 S73 Proposal - Conversion Stones - Transmutation Alchemy

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Conversion Stones

Season Theme
What if properties could be converted ?

  • New Legendary Gems support RNG conversions
  • They can be equipped in any slot (10 slots)
  • Target: Useless skills / runes / items

This way:

  • New builds


  • Stun converted into Immobilize
  • Necromancer Minions converted into Golems
  • Minions Explosion converted into 3 Bone Spirits
  • Minions out of skills converted into Mini Bone Tornadoes
  • Devouring Aura eat converted into 5% Any Radius bonus (100 stacks)
  • Channeled Aura of Decay converted into Stackable Touch of Decay Aura
  • Minions hits on target converted into 50% Bone Armor Damage bonus (100 stacks)
  • Army of the Dead Damage bonus converted into Minion Thorns Damage Bonus
  • Lava Weapon Damage converted into 500% Fire Bolts Damage bonus within
  • Drain Life converted into Life Per Second addition for 10 seconds (100 stacks)
  • Aura of Death Damage converted into 1000% Blood Skill Damage


  • Fantasy: Transmutation, Alchemy
  • Gameplay: Equip multiple conversion stones in every hole to create absurd builds and break the game
  • Stun to Immobilize: Useful for Thorns (same with Freeze to Immobilize)
  • Golems: Flesh: Mass Corpse Explosion, Ice: Mass Crit (100%), Blood: Overhealth for Trag’Oul’s Avatar 4p
  • Minions Explosion: Command Skeletons / Kill Command + Nagelring for Fallen Lunatics
  • Minions out of skills to Mini Bone Tornadoes: Mini Bone Tornadoes as pets move and attack (they overlap each other)
  • Devouring Aura to Any Radius: Every snack increases radiuses : Devour, Curse, Bone Tornado, Aura of Death, …etc.
  • Channeled to Stackable Touch: Contamination Mage moves and goes melee to apply a stackable Aura of Decay on enemies
  • Minions hits into Bone Armor bonus: The more minions hits (no damage), the more your Bone Armor hits hard on the target
  • Army of the Dead to Thorns: Thorns of Rathma
  • Lava to Fire Bolts: Standing within Hellfire Ring / Fire patches buffs Shock Pulse / Fire Bolts
  • Drain Life: Siphon Blood / Drain Life + Bul-Kathos’s Wedding Band / Drain Life increase your Life Per Second
  • Aura of Death to Blood Skill: Death’s Bargain benefits from Trag’Oul’s Avatar 6p

Other Proposals


You are spamming the forum with these topics.

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Since when making proposals to improve a game is a spam ?

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It’s not… ignore the trolls.

This forum is slowing down on activity. Threads with ideas are always welcome. It’s just a few useless posters who feel that any thread that doesn’t meet their personal, made-up standards don’t belong. I’m in favor of anything positive keeping this place alive.

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You are obviously smart enough to know that the development of D3 has officially ended.

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Does this mean that all fantasy surrounding this game should stop ?

When the writing of the 3rd volume of the Lord of the Rings or The Three-Body Problem sagas officially ended, did the authors mark as spam all the posts which proposed to expand the universe ?

The Diablo universe, whether materialized by Diablo 1, 2, 3, 4, is a fantastic playground for the imagination.

All Diablo games hold the same weight in my heart, I love them all and consider them all the perfect source for inventing new ways to play.

Additionally, any proposal made for D3 could, with a little creativity, be easily integrated into D4.

Especially the proposal described in the main post of this thread, which is in no way related to D3.

The mechanisms are all transferable to D4.

D3 is not the end, but rather the beginning of reflection.

Development can be in any position. We can still wish and hope.

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Here you go. In case you don’t know:

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Wow… this is absolutely awesome. The Last Epoch team should hire you. Its unfortunate that Blizz ignores the regular folks that offer such great contributions. Great artwork by the way. I’m still exploring that massive proposal grid.

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Thank you ! :grinning:

Why not ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Otherwise, these proposals can inspire the ARPG genre.

Some of them have been adapted, one way or another, by the teams of Diablo / Last Epoch / Path of Exile.

Every proposal / implementation raises the bar of creativy.
The winner is the player !

The firsts proposals were more like drafts, compared to the new ones, but some older ideas remain valid.

  • https://diablo-proposals.web.app/ (132)
  • https://baldur-proposals.web.app/ (27)
  • https://epoch-proposals.web.app/ (1)