D3 Not Using Correct GPU?

I’ve noticed my FPS has been crazy low lately in D3, so I attempted to look up some fixes. I think what my issue might be is that D3 is using the GPU built into my computer (intel) and not my AMD GPU.

I have checked my task manager and while D3 is running my GPU 0 (Intel® HD Graphics 4600 is running like mad, but my GPU 1 (AMD Radeon ™ R9 200 Series) is not doing anything. I speculate that I want it to be the other way around.

I poked around a few forums, and was able to check the D3Debug.txt file to comfirm that it is using the Intel GPU instead of AMD, but I can’t figure out if there is a way to make it use the AMD GPU. I also play WoW, and in the settings you can change it, but I can’t figure out how to do that for D3.

I feel like this is a new issue for me, because in the past I would get normal fps (60+) and now just sitting in town I get like 18. In WoW on pretty well maxed settings I usually get 90 fps.

I would appreciate any help!

Hey Zurgen,

Is your system a desktop or a laptop? If it’s a desktop, just make sure that your monitor display cable is actually plugged into the AMD card and not the on-board Intel graphics.

If this is a laptop, there should be a way to set which GPU DiabloIII64.exe is using by going through the Radeon Settings. This article from AMD should help you find where to set that:

Configuring Laptop Switchable Graphics on a Windows® Based System

You could also just try resetting the settings to defaults in Radeon Settings. Make sure the AMD drivers are updated to the latest version, since it should automatically switch over to the more powerful GPU when launching games.