D3 eternal collection PS4 can't use necromancer

Why I should buy add on again? I own full version round about 2 years and now pay again?

You shouldn’t need to depending on your situation…if you own D3 UEE then you can buy the DLC Necro pack separate.

If you no longer have D3 UEE you cannot buy it and indeed can only but D3 Eternal which includes Necro pack.

Why not just buy D3 UEE on disc then use your already bought Necro DLC?

My mistake, I bought
Reaper of Souls - Ultimate Evil Edition
Last years I could use necromancer, but not after last update, nothing changed, only updated

Try going to PS4 Settings, then Account Management, then Restore Licenses.

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I’m having the same problem. Haven’t played Diablo for over a year, and now can’t create a Necromancer anymore, even though I had the DLC before from buying the full physical edition. Hope someone out there can help me :frowning:

Check your connected to the internet. It will remember you have the expansion for a short period only when offline, then you’re forced to reconnect even to access the existing necros you’ve created. The license appears to be associated with the installation rather than the account.

So unfair though… I tried everything, even contacting Sony, but they said they can’t do anything about it and that I have to contact Blizzard. Problem is there’s no way to contact Blizzard, because they don’t have a support phone #

You’re saying your ps4 is connected to the internet? Does it show the season theme at the character select/start game screen?

Yes, my PS4 is connected to the internet. Already tried offline, also tried restoring licenses, unregister my console as my primary and register again (per Sony’s suggestion), and nothing seems to work. I even have trophies from the DLC, but can’t play it anymore

Uninstall and reinstall the game is the only thing coming to mind now. I’m not familiar with the procedure for checking the data is back up but others may be able to help there if you wanted to try that.

Since you’re on the PS4, don’t know how to help. With the PS5, I got hit by the download queue bug this weekend, which causes the download not to work. And the official suggestions didn’t work. You can’t delete it, you can’t redownload it, etc. Restoring licenses, rebuilding the database, clearing the cache, etc. didn’t work. I ended up having to restore my PS5 to get rid of the bug, which ends up deleting everything off of it. Fortunately, I didn’t have much on it. But I’m kind of upset that Sony still doesn’t have a nice and easy way to clear corrupt downloads.

Restore your Licenses sorts this issue.