D3 cosmetics from D2R pre order not showing up

Just pre-ordered in PSN the D2R Prime Evil Upgrade edition but I don’t see in D3 the new cosmetics.
Do we get them only in September when D2R is released?

My understanding is that the cosmetics will appear before September 24.

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Yep…only time I’ve seen extras pop up for a Pre-order early is stuff outside the game…like theme or icons, etc…

People who preordered on the pc already have the d3 cosmetics, right?
Where are ours :slightly_frowning_face:

I’m not talking about the Barb transmog, but about the wings and the pet.
Those are already available on PC IMO (showcased by streamers like Bluddshed)

I know this topic is a couple weeks old. I’m just checking to see if the D3 pre-order items have been received in-game since this topic was posted. I pre-ordered a couple days ago on PSN but I don’t have the in-game cosmetics. Thanks!

Not yet, i`m expecting them to be available on the beta release date in august.
Edit: faster then this, beginning with season 24 we will have it

this has been solved. They will show up when the new patch comes out.

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I own a PS4 and Diablo 3 just got an update. I checked my game and all the cosmetics you get for preordering the Prime Evil Collection are there. Hope Xbox users have gotten the update for the cosmetics as well.


I’ve pre ordered D2 Prime Evil Edition a month ago on PS4. Yesterday upgraded the game with new patch 1.39 aka 2.7.1., got Arreats legacy, but dont have pet and wings. Where to look for them? In Cosmetics I dont have them.

If you’re using PS4, there are 3 choices:

  1. D2 Resurrected $39.99
    That gives you the Arreat’s transmog.

  2. Prime Evil Collection Upgrade $49.99 You need Eternal Collection downloaded.
    That gives you the Arreat’s transmog, Wings and Pet.

  3. Prime Evil Collection $59.99
    That gives you Eternal Collection, Arreat’s transmog, Wings and Pet.

Are you sure you preordered the last choice and paid $59.99? Or if you already downloaded Eternal Collection you picked the second choice at $49.99?