D3 & 4 and no Map overlaying on the screen

Diablo invented the wireframe map overlaying on the screen while you play. Why isnt there at least an option to toggle a feature like this on and off? Wanting to have a normal style world of warcaft map (which you can also move with it open BY THE WAY) we have all these keys on the keyboard you could easily let us bind one to toggling a wireframe map. I constantly find my gameplay being interupted because i just want to get a quick glimpse at a larger map to see where im going and i am used to this not interrupting my gameplay in diablo2, path of exile. every other diablo2 clone every made… yet diablo3 & 4? nah screw you, in this fast pace game you have to stop to look at a map. because immersion in a game where your character has no story, no history, because hes deleted every 3 months to bad end game concept of seasons.

i know the typical troll responses are who cares but i know im not the only one who wants a traditional over laid map toggle. just like why cant we have wasd movement? i much more prefer click to move but with how fast paced d3 is wasd would be much more fitting for a lot of builds. there is literally no reason not to have an option for this. I know diablo3 scrapped a load of features. But when it was announced Jay Wilson stated “Diablo3 will have so many options it will make your head spin” and that was dumbed down because “nah players are stupid we cant give them options”


Yeah, not having the map overlay bothers me.

I know people will say they don’t care and they’re fine with the minimap, but I would much rather have my map overlay.