D2R - Where Did the Assassin Go? Bring Her Back

Where is the Diablo 2 assassin? Who is this intruder in D2R?

What exactly was remastered with the D2 assassin? She just got deleted and replaced.

For millenia diversity has been an integral part of our world, including 20 years ago when the game was made. There is absolutely nothing shocking nor problematic with making the Assassin Asian, in fact, she’s always been Asian to me, and all my ancestors were indigenous to Scotland - my point being is I’m not bias.

The Assassin’s skills and weapons are steeped in Asian fighting and weaponry. The Katar is an ancient dagger from India (Asia), the claws are right out of a 70s Bruce Lee movie - Enter The Dragon. Shadow Disciplines and Traps are obviously inspired by Japanese Ninjutsu. Cobra Strike, Tiger Strike and the Dragon skills and steeped in 70s Chinese produced martial art movies, Chinese astrology, and are derivatives of Chinese Gung fu styles. Korean martial arts are not unlike Chinese martial arts, in fact both Ancient countries learned weapon technology, fighting skills and techniques from each other. South Korea’s flag is inspired by ancient Taoist symbolism which is the indigenous religion of Korea and China and which was the religion of Sun Tzu, the author of The Art of War.

The new art work for her looks amazing, her facial features being Korean is awesome!. The real issue is the Amazon and the Barbarian and the lack of love they were given or a potential contrived intent behind their art work.


I could care less about visuals, I hope they fix the bug where traps reduce the amount of elite packs that spawn, only reason I don’t use assassin for magic finding.

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Yeah, but 12 edits. You win today’s fabulous showcase.

Zomg. Wall O’ Text critted me for 19,134 Shadow damage.

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I stopped read here.

Be a Darl and edit the ‘o wall o’ text’ with some carriage returns will ya!

edit: oh excrement! I actually read it and … lol… you forgot to blame the algorithm!

What’s the point. He’s just lucky he didn’t get censored (which, along with game dev are part of the reasons I won’t buy D4 or D2R).

And Blizz of 20 years ago is far different than today, the name was the paid for but the people are gone. Blizz North is far removed. Basically a new dev took over Diablo which is why we have the situation we currently have of everything being sub par but with great cinematics. so Dragon is right.

@editguy Ha. Ofc the moderator deemed this was fine and not trolling. Seems right that this was innocuous and not meant to prod me. That you came at me with ad hominem and I’m banned but they left your post as a cheeky slight at me cause you are arguing that the D2 assassin is worthless which aligns w the company’s new ideas.

Moderation is doled out based on how big of a fan boy you are and what you will accept. As a result I’m pretty much infinitely banned since the mods decided the D2 forum was worth moderating again last year. Some other posters that more closely align with politics in China are free to post to their heart’s content since it aligns with the company here.

Everything post Diablo 2 is frankly sub par and not good enough including bloat ware D2R

The problem isn’t that she’s asian, it’s that her face, body and skin tome are dramatically changed.

She was clearly a ‘goth chick’ in D2, pale as paper. This new one is dark, with a totally different body.

It’s a remaster, so changing things is kind of against what they promised. Very disappointing.

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