D2R Release TIME

Does anyone know when this game is getting released? Is it going to be a 12:01am release on Sept 23 or will it be released after 10am? I want to book the day off work and would book the 23rd if it’s 12:01, but would take the 24th instead if it’s a later in the day release

Blizzard has not said when the release time it. Just realize whatever it is, will be based on Pacific Time. So you will have to adjust for your time zone.


Ya for sure. Stupid they havn’t announced this, especially considering the d2 fanbase are all probably 30+ years old and have careers now


Very true. I am looking forward to a release time myself.

Also remember, the Ladder won’t be in game the first little bit. They want to get through whatever launch issues they have before starting ladder. That makes sense. Crashing and bugs would not be a fun ladder start. Launch is always a bit tricky.

Ladder only runewords and things are available in non-ladder though so you will be able to craft those, even if ladder has not started. If that is your thing.

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Did not know that! Thanks. Probably will not take the day off work then.

You mean that when they start the ladder we will have to create new chars?
I thought all the chars that are created on launch day will be automatically converted to ladder when they start it… :confused:

@blue please give us a time when the servers are predicted to be up! or at least when the game will be available for download! me and my friends are in a competition to beat hell baal first so we need to know asap! thanks! cant wait ! so excited!!!

The Executive Producer of the game has stated that it releases at 8am Pacific Daylight Time (PDT). That would be 11am Eastern Daylight Time (EDT).

The Beta released at 10am PDT so that map is still sort of helpful.

Subtract 2 hours from the Beta time to get Release time. Watch out for the international date line. It will be the 24 in some places.

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Following on IG, the countdown timer says and is calculating to September 23rd at 9:00 am. I would assume that is PT so adjust accordingly.