D2:R release patch notes when?

With less than 2 weeks till the release of D2:R, when will we have a complete list of the in game differences between D2:R and current D2:LoD? I don’t just mean added content like share stashes, I mean bug fixes and QoL changes. There are so many people asking about this bug/glitch or that one, I think it would be nice to have a detail patch notes list from Blizzard / VV.


I suspect end of this week to beginning of next week. We won’t know until it happens. They’re pretty good about staying hush hush. :upside_down_face:

I keep opening the battle.net launcher, punching the “Install” button every couple of hours. So far, no good… :wink:

I’m wondering if we’ll see patch notes before that button goes live?

Yes 100% agree. we SHOULD get patch notes before release. i think we should’ve got them weeks ago. Considering they fixed a lot of popular bugs like E, Str and WSG. What the hell else did they fix? Considering theres people refunding over just WSG (stupid) they should let the fanbase know what they’ve done and if they are willing to reverse certain things.


Less than an hour, and it is being patched. Can we know what changes will be live now?