D2R Launch Guide, FAQ, and Timezone Map

Today they released the Launch Guide and made the game available to pre-download.

Launch is 8am Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) on Thurs Sept 23, 2021. We FINALLY got a new map which will help those who want to adjust for their time zone. Please watch the international date line. Please click here for time zone assistance.

Lots of other info is available here - including info for Consoles.

If anyone has other questions, needs help with how to purchase, install, or time zones please ask.


could you also include the link to the time zone tool they have in the launch guide to your post so that it’s easily visible for people not in those major zones?

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Sure thing. It is edited and added.

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8 am? :thinking:

i wont be able to sleep… i guess im staying up all night in anticipation. I’ll be reported on the news as the first person to die from a week long D2R bender with no sleeping.


Looks great, thanks for the information. :slightly_smiling_face:

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NO DYING! You can’t let the Lords of Hell exploit a weakness like that!

You are a warrior! You eat well, sleep when you can, keep limber and agile (stretch including your hands and wrists), and keep yourself in top fighting form!

Fight the temptation!




less than 37 hours to go people

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I am unreasonably excited. I am also kind of glad it won’t be 8am in my time zone so I have time to prep meals, take care of the house stuff, etc.


Interesting and informative as always MissCheatah.

Me too, the next 25 hours are going to feel so slow but it’s getting so close.

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The map is a bit misleading when it comes to the time zones of Singapore and Taipei. Shouldn’t it be 11pm on the 23rd of September, and not the 24th?

Yes… Good point. I think they used the Beta map and did not move the international date line. Will forward. Good catch.

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16h 15m left on the excruciatingly slow clock.

Launcher said open servers with your current timezone and convert it for your country.

is anyone else not being able to play the game yet?

I can’t for 6 hours bloody work lol