D2R Gamepad experience

So I’ve been fiddling around with D2R with a controller, and so far it’s pretty damn great. The mouse and keyboard is of course nostalgic, but the controller layout feels much more modern and easy to use. The targeting system works surprisingly well too.

Some concerns though;
• The menus are a bit odd here and there. It takes way too long to pop down a potion to your belt when you can do it in one click with the mouse.

• The game defaults to XBOX button prompts, and there seems to be no way to change them. Currently using a PS5 controller, and I’m not used to “translating” Xbox prompts on the fly. Especially not mid combat. Would be great to have a feature to toggle between the two prompts in the menu. An easy fix.

• Seems like the controller inputs are hard coded into the game, with no way of rebinding the action bar. I’m OK with the current layout, but there are people out there who can’t use the entire controller. Should be a way to customize it.

Overall the controller experience is great, and this time around I think I’ll be playing mostly with the controller.


Here’s the Diablo 3 forum and now the D2R forums are moved to a bigger place for indepth discussion. Please go to the related forums bug report or feedback sections:

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Another D2R players having difficulty to find the correct forum to post. :point_down:

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Thanks, I moved my post.

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