D2R Community! The Throne Room! Now including Diablo Immorta

The Throne Room: D2R Community


(All platforms and regions)

The Throne Room is a mature gaming clan that is looking to grow for the new ladder season! Are you looking for a group of people to play the new ladder season and quest / level / MF with? Are you currently playing and going to continue playing non-ladder? We are the clan for you!

Being a player myself that played D2 and D2 LOD for years, I must say I was super excited to see they were remastering my favorite game! We currently have around 640 members from all regions and platforms. No BS, everyone is super cool and helpful! We do frequent giveaways, events and much more!

If you like a mature gaming clan that does not support cheating and some online buddies to game with. We are the clan for you. We support players of all skill levels from beginner to advanced.

Please message me on my b-net account for a discord invite to the clan. Unknvwn#1716. Otherwise, go to my Reddit page and you can find the link in my bio :champagne:

If you have any questions let me know. I look forward to having you join us! Comment or PM for link :slight_smile: