D2GM Double Dclone Walk!

D2GM is back with another competition!

Double diablo clone walks during this weekend for Europe and East!

Join our server to find more info about the ip etc:


Once you enter the server, please head over to the registration channel to register your realm (DClone Hunter East/Europe/West). We will be @mentioning the members of each realm based on the selections made while registering!!

Moreover, we are preparing big competitions with HUGE prizes for D2R!

Kind regards,
D2GM team


Let’s goooooooo!! <3

You heard it here first folks! This team of people always pulls through, the discord is a great place to learn and the people there are full of knowledge and always willing to share what they know with you.

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You’re missing out if you’re not joining. There’s always a FREE raffle, competition or walks posted. Great place to get safe help and intelligent advice!

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Count me in! This channel is awesome, cant wait to be part of the D2R party too.

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can’t wait!

Just make sure to register for free and get the following 2 roles, guys:
Dc Europe
Dc East

Exact time will be posted soon!