Curses "last Forever" and Dayntees question please

Hello, this is specifically around Dayntee’s Binding belt and Eternal Torment passive.

The hope is:

  • I curse some enemies at the start of a floor/area
  • I skip them and proceed to do stuff
  • I have the 50% reduction from Dayntees for that entire floor/area

In trying to test this I was using the CDR rune for Decripify, which gives you a stack counter on the icon. The counter seems to stay and be all good…but then as I’m going and marking new stuff and killing etc, it randomly vanishes.

I THINK what’s happening is the stack-counter I’m using max’s at 10 and resets when I get to 10 stacks…so it’s possible those old enemies are still cursed?

It’s just really hard for me to test this stuff with all the varying damages in the game. Was hoping someone with more experience/knowledge could help here. Ty!

As long as you have at least one enemy cursed you have 50% reduction, but don’t depend on the curses hanging around once you leave the area. Even tho it says it does, my experience shows that they can lose it.

Curse is applied as long as the targeted monster is on screen.
If you leave the monster few meters behind, it can be removed.

It does not work with Aura of Frailty.

With Aura of Frailty the curse drops off as soon as they leave aura. But with Eternal Torment passive when they leave the curse hangs on for a few secs. It’s just a few sec. but depending on your build this info has been use full to me on making some builds work better.

Just to clear up some misunderstandings, Curses do have a range to them. Once you leave far enough off-screen from the target, the curse is removed even if you have the eternal passive.

Aura of Frailty does work with eternal torment. I normally run this setup and it’s pretty clear the curses are applied permanently even if you take the aura away from the target until you’ve run far enough away that the normal off-screen range will remove the curse.

Because of this, you can’t just curse a single monster from the start of the floor to have the belt passive work for the entire floor.

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Agreed with Radjehuty, “Eternal Torrment” has about 1.5-2 Screen range. As long as you stay within, the curse will last forever, but if you move too far, then the curse will drop - as will the DR from Dantyee. So if you move too far, make sure to curse something.

You can def Curse tons of enemies, I dont think there is a max, but range!!

I’m not sure who that reply is for, Yoshi. Looking at Radjehuty’s Career Page shows “Last updated on Sep 14, 2021 11:54 PM PDT” (i.e. they haven’t played the game for 9 months) and the thread is 13 months old. I know this is the Necromancer forum, but it’s not for resurrecting dead threads.

And, what is this for? You remove the necromancer’s highest damage dealing spell, ‘corpse explosion’, which solved tons of problems, and was funny.
This version of a Necromancer is from those sacrificed to resurrect a dragon. There compensation is a Necromancer that is a playable character, from an alternate version of Earth. The Necromancer was a villian, not an ‘Evil Wizard’.