Curses for Xbox: you can do it!

nice video, thanks for sharing. I’m not an xbox player (playstation for me) but I thought it was pretty helpful.

I have another trick that seems to help (getting a shrine/pylon buff) before starting. So what i do is check for the chest and reset until it pops up (usually 73 to 133 resets), once i got the chest - i start searching the zone for the power up shrines/pylons and use the flavor of time and worshipper gloves. You can really get decked out in buffs with those 2 items equip’d.

If that fails, i just ask “Behind Times” to give me a hand and he can pull off 350+ nearly solo with his monk or demon hunter builds.

For Curses solo, if going UE:

You’ll want to be in the green square, and aim slightly below the chest. Provided you can keep hatred the entire time, you should hit 350.

(And yes, this is a PC screenshot, just easier to get a capture on the PC than the consoles for me. But it works on the console for solo Curses/Stars Aligned).

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Since Inna’s is the top build of season 25 it’s basically roll face on every and all content you do.

Inna doesn’t work for this since water allies is bug and drop out without rhyme or reason.

Most I was able to kill with Inna was 248.

Just have to wait until Monday to start a Hardcore character.

Conquests are NOT console friendly this season. The 3rd conquest is the ONLY one left to do to get the final pet and port.

grats Hebarb. Yeah oddly enough for me the conquests were easy but i did most of them on hardcore, the little pet is pretty cool. He flexes and breathes fire

You must be bad then as I was able to to it last season with Innas but haven’t got that far yet this season.

I just tried a proof of concept with DH (off season) and I had a pretty gank build and I was able to do 301 kills. So I think that is the way to go. I created a Seasonal DH (I never play this class) so I am going to level them up, learn how to play and create the UE multishot and hope for the best!

Is it possible for Shadow Impale to do this, with the shard that causes death explosions? Or do you have to use UE?

You need some for of multishot, be it UE or Mauraders for a DH. Crusader also has a build which can clear it.


Marauder is dead for me as the set simply fails to do anything for me right now (posted to the Bug section for why) and UE is sort of boring me as its what I usually play when I do DH.

Oh well. I was really hoping it could be done with a more interesting build.

I forgot to add, socketing a gogok of swiftness, even at rank zero, can also boost your attack speed. It’s a good one to use for this challenge. Good luck!

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I was finally able to do this. Thanks to the tips from this thread. The keys were attack speed and resource reduction. I ended up with almost 370 kills solo on PS4. On PC that would be like 470 kills solo. Gave or take.

This is the 1st time I have ever been able to do this conquest. So if I could do it anyone can.

I can post the build if anyone needs the help. Let me know.


please do! I think it would be helpful

The Gear is the same as the UE Multishot Demon Hunter as posted on the

What I tweaked was the skills and gems

Here is what I changed:

Main Skills - keep them the same except make the following changes:

Preparation – Punishment

Companion – Bat Companion

Passive skills – lots of changes here, you will need to change 3 of them

Blood Vengeance





Legendary Gems – all should be 25 or above, Gogok is ok to have at 25. Bane is ok to have to just so it stays up long enough to complete the event, and with Zei the higher the better but you don’t need to go too crazy since it is overkill after a while for this event.

Gogok of Swiftness - This one was only at 25 for me but of course you can go higher if you want

Zei’s Stone of Vengeance – the more the better since you will be standing far away. I had it at 80

Bane of the Powerful – level this one up so it bonus stays up the entire time of the event. I had it at 70.

Soul Shards – Please level them both to 3

Essence of Anguish – weapon

Shard of Hatred - Helm

Find the Cursed Peat event chest, it doesn’t have to be the actual bounty, since the bounty is extremely rare, but the chest is not as rare as you think, just learn the map and look for it, know when to stop looking and try again.

This is an idiot proof set-up, so it is hatred overload, you will never come close to running out! I have over well over 800 paragon but that might be overkill. Just max out the most important ones for attack speed and resources. For Multishot, make sure you select Arsenal, since that one has a better spread, and the missiles kill any random spawns that pop up next to you. Once you find the chest, DO NOT START the event. Go and find a Frenzied Shrine. You will need the one, but Empowered Shrine doesn’t hurt as well, but is not needed. Make sure that your follower as the Gloves of Worship so that this effect last a whole 10 minutes, so no need to rush, take your time and get that Frenzied Shrine! If you are lucky, you will get it on the same map, if not you will need to visit maps that tend to spawn shrines and keep looking until you get one. Right before you start the chest kill an elite or blue pack or goblin to activate the Bane gem and you are good to go.

After clicking on the chest, stand at the far side of the hill, on the right side in the middle and start blasting Multishot, just hold down the button and don’t let go until it is over. For me, I put multishot on the R2 trigger (PS4) that made it easy for me to hold it down and then use my thumb to click the other buttons to keep up my hatred as needed with ease. Make sure that you AIM with the left analog stick! Just point forward toward the direction of the chest but it doesn’t have to be at the chest. If you do not do this, you may end up turning, to be extra safe kill all enemies surrounding the hill so that you can keep track of the kill count better. Again, this is a idiot proof way of getting it, it might be overkill but you will get it with ease you don’t need to stand in a special spot other than where I said on top but even if you are off a touch you will still beat it!

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nice, thanks for the write up.

on a side note, I did this on the pc version with the default wizard gift set and i got 437. It seems stuff is much easier on pc (just wish i could use my ps5 controller for d3) hah. I love mouse/keyboard for first person shooters but it sucks w d3 style games.

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interesting, I’ve always fired due Left. Will try your suggestion this season BT, your suggestions are always spot on for me. You are a highly valued player imho.

DPS isn’t the issue here. AD/AOE helps, but this conquest is limited by reduced wave spawn rates (vs PC) and mobs per wave.

Hebarb, happy to help with UE MS playstyle if you want. Let me know and I’ll send you my PSN.


The problem with gogok is that it adds to IAS, and more IAS burns hatred quicker. IAS is VERY bad with UE MS. AD is typically more effective, but doesn’t really help with this conquest, since it is limited by wave/mob spawn rates.


yes, it is day and night difference on PC. This is what experienced console players have been saying for MANY seasons. MANY.

Here is my s21 clear (solo) and I have pinned a comment with the changes that I made to my UE MS build to get it to work.

Due to the variabilities in RNG regarding spawn rates, it will take several attempts to get it done. So that means a lot of cursed peat farming…which is NOT fun.


Thanks for sharing, very nice!

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hopefully the video helps others.

This is the only thing I have left this season. If anyone can help me out please let me know.

The thread title might suggest why this isn’t the case…