Cultist pages for altar or rites

Hey, need help here. I’ve googled this and found the locations where I need to farm this pages but man are they this rare?

I find Act 1 is the place I see cultists the most and I keep farming but no pages drop.

Help. lol

The Altar does not need the Cultist pages.

What it needs are the Tome of Set Dungeon pages. Simply equip a set with a dungeon and click the tome in the Leoric’s Manor. You need all 4 pages from the same class.


Yep! Especially seeing they are only available in the month of January. :wink:


Note: The Pages you’re looking for are for Sets that have associated Set Dungeons for them. That is to say, your Monk’s Patterns of Justice will not produce one of these Pages. You’ll need to have the other Monk Sets to get the 4 Pages needed for the Altar.

I play a Demon Hunter. The following video is from Season 28, but it shows you how to get the Pages. The Sets for the Monk are:

  1. Inna’s Mantra
  2. Monkey King’s Garb
  3. Raiment of a Thousand Storms
  4. Uliana’s Strategem

Good luck!


That is because they only drop during the month of January for the Darkening of Tristram event.

As others have said you need the Tome of Set Dungeon pages for the altar NOT the cultist pages.


So I need all 4 sets to get the 4 tombs? WTF. Thanks


But realistically, between drops (especially with Visions, Kadala, and the set piece conversion recipe, they are not hard to get at all.


Now where are all the tombs? I know there is one in leorics mansion and another in the sewers, but missing 2

The tomes are all in the same place (Leoric’s Library) you just need to click on the book using 4 different sets.

yeah I figured that out. 1 set to go.


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I think you meant Tomes.

But, just to be clear:

  • You DO NOT have to run the Set Dungeons. Just collect the Pages.
  • As others have said, you’ll probably find all the Set pieces during gameplay.
  • All the Pages drop from the same Tome of Set Dungeons in the Royal Quarters of Leoric’s Manor in Act I.

Good to hear.  

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