Crusader Speed Builds

In the spirit of the holiday patch, I’ve made an effort to revisit a few speed builds on non-season. Here’s what I’m experiencing while cruising through GR120s:

  1. LoD Bomb: 2:00-3:30
  2. AoV6 FotH: 2:45-3:30
  3. A6 Bowmen: 3:00-3:45

From an ease of play, Akkhan Bowmen is smooth and consistent. AoV FotH while fast, is most prone to death. LoD Bomb w/ In-Geom is the clear winner because it packs power which you can quickly unload on the elite – it is also the most durable.

There is an unexplored option of taking Akkhan Bombardment with Rally, which could be amazing for speeds too with constant bomb spam – it has enough damage to solo clear GR140, but I never tried it in a speed scenario. Today I will cobble it together and report back on the results.

Which builds are you using to farm gifts?

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Fist of Heavens GR 130 in 4:20 lol. 120s usually 12: something left.
Its much more entertaining than the rest.

I assume that is in the season yea?

oh yeah. the fist season power adds like 9000 more tiers of damage and fun to it

Yes, it was great for speeds. Too bad they didn’t do anything with those 2 other angelics.

The fist power adds significant damage. I was doing a quickie 115 one time and didnt put in a sanctified item and it felt like a 130. If I can figure out the lag I think its easily 150 capable to 4k paragon players.
The angels got too gimped out. Haven’t given the blessed hammer one any real time yet. I guess it could be used with LoD thornes if you wanted to range instead of melee. Got some nice seeker items banked but I don’t see it adding much there.