Crusader needs item for damage reduction

All classes have their class specific items only for them:
Barb has Band of Might - 80%
Necro has Dayntee’s Binding - 50%
Demon Hunter has Wraps of Clarity - 50%
Wizard has Halo of Karini - 80%
Witch Doctor has Lakumba’s Ornaments - up to 60%
Monk doesn’t have item also but Epiphany has it 50% and it is much easier to keep 90sec cooldown then Akarat’s Champion 120sec cooldown and it doesn’t have damage reduction. Just increase armor.

What Crusader has? Nothing. Only Aquila or unity or Endless walk set. Those are all items for all classes and not specifically for Crusader class.
Do i miss something?
Crusader should be as tough as Barb but it is the opposite. He is glass cannon. Almost no damage reduction items and almost no way to heal himself.

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Most crusader builds run captain crimson with CDR, so they can get a permanent 50% dr from laws of valor from the resource cost reduction rune. I agree that they do need another item for dr, but it has to be something that would force you to use a different law.

I know technically not a Crusader-specific item but there’s Justice Lantern which grants you damage reduction as a proportion of your block chance. As Crusaders are the only class that always equip a shield, that could work for you.

That takes a whole lot of CDR and Long Arm. Like every single piece of CDR at max rolls. Because it’s not DR if it’s not up 100% of the time. It’s just a DR cooldown.

Eh, I agree with OP. Justice Lantern is decent, but it’s also buff dependent with a short duration and long cooldown and requires investment in it outside of the item just being good. Then you’re also looking for a shield with decent block and all the attributes you want. It’s a poor Band-Aid. If they wanted to make it good, it should be 40% damage reduction plus 20% of your block chance (additive)

CC3 is available to everyone, so that’s not really a good comparison, just because there is synergy, doesn’t mean it isn’t also a big investment like Lostsoul pointed out. Need full CDR + a passive and 1 specific Rune on a skill + 3 pieces of gear.

Crusader get’s shorted on the damage reduction because there are a lot of various damage mitigation combinations that have short durations and/or large investments. They should really just tie it into getting Iron Skin have a reasonable gear setup with having no downtime between duration increase and cooldown decreases.

Crusader Ring - Reduce the cooldown of Iron skin by 60% and it gains the Runes Steel Skin and Flash.

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Crusader has the worst DR item for sure., The only (supposely) class specific item is justin bieber ring but its a mid range DR that scale with Block change, which means low ball 30-35% for most crusaders. Compare that to the ones from Barb & WIzard.

But to be fair, WItch doctor has it worst. Soul harvest is a must have & you need to have scared harvester knife in every build!

Crusaders also have the prophet rune. No other class had an extra cheat death plus it resets very often.

There is something wrong with uptime of Iron Skin. In the 2-h builds you just can’t maintain IS 100% of the time. Base short duration of 4 sec is like a joke! And a HUGE cooldown time makes very hard to achieve even 80% it’s duration.
We all know there is one build wich can huge short the time of defense skills. But it is still ONE fun build.
In reality, for example: a6i2ccN bomber - does not have 100% uptime of IS and that is a huge loss of survivality and damage buff to thorns.
I think adding a legendary wich increase the duration time of IS - isn’t an exit.
We need at first fix the skill’s duration time and then making new legendaries …if needed.