Crash to Windows

If it can help,

I continue having those issues (freezes, crashes, …) EVERY TIME the Antivirus (Norton) makes an update for its bases (viruses and soft).
Work under Windows 10

Crashes seem to be increasing again.

Tonight in a few hours of play (speeds), 2 out of our 4-player team crashed twice (including me), another crashed once, and one lucky player didn’t crash…

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I have been lucky with the freezing and crashing that other players are experiencing. But, tonight I crashed to desktop after salvaging items in town.

I was playing a Normal Demon Hunter (not Hardcore) on the Europe Region. I was in Act 2, the Hidden Camp on Torment VI. The image below has full details:


Hey, i play too every day in EU server, during severals hours, the game crashes every day at least 2 or 3 times with unexpected errors. Since 20 november 2020 2.6.10 patch release. Nothing has changed since…