Crash to Windows

Playing Diablo tonight, with the latest patch:
I experienced another crash to Windows. This wasn’t during a GR like many of the previous crashes, but was when I tried to load the Leaderboards.

While the game just freezes in the recording, to me the game was gone, and I could just see windows. But you can see it here:


Same problem but before update. It was last week. Seems not to be fix.

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Yes game still crashes with new patch. Not just in leaderboards also while playing in grifts and other areas.

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Thanks for the link Trepchains!

@hexomega: Do you have any additional details you can share to help us understand a bit more? Also, can you confirm that this happened after yesterday’s patch?


It happened after yesterday’s patch. Actually just a few minutes before my post above. For myself inside a cow level. For a friend inside a greater rift. The game just closed, returns to desktop and leaves a window saying sth about a code to contact blizzard: A932080E-81AD-43F8-9445-99F2A0015CE5
I guess the same issue as for many before the patch. Hope that helps.

I can confirm this, had a d3.exe crash when accepting a greater rift and sometimes when i try to open leaderboards. The new patch didn’t improve anything regarding to the stability of D3. This is just a mess. Still the old bugs and new ones like charcter creation issue or armory name save bugs. Its getting worse than before…facepalm

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Another crash back to Windows on current patch as at Friday 11th December 11pm AEDT (4am PST) on (after the Armory hotfix presumably as I was able to save an Armory build with a name)

This time on RG spawn in a speed Greater Rift:

EDIT: Additional:
13/12/2020 ANZ: Crashed when loading clan list (not recording / streaming)
13/12/2020 ANZ: Crashed when clicking banner as follows:

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I am also still constantly crashing since update.

Pylon clicks and boss spawns seem to trigger it. Never had this issue before

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I am also still constantly crashing back to Windows or restart Windows
i can play 5 or 15 minutes before the crash

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Crashed 3 times today!
First time - Crashed when boss spawned
Second time - Crashed when i took a conduit pylon
Third time - Crash when i took speed pylon in a normal rift

Thought the latest patch would fix it but sadly no :frowning:
Also, the fmod file bug with 10 sec freeze is still there, however you are still able to fix it by overwriting the FMOD file with the one i took from Heroes of the storm dir.

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i also get a crash and i can “remake it” every time i run the sprinter conquest solo. i crash in act 5 and its almost the same spot. around bfoe and pandamonium.

it just happent for me for the 5th time. and this time the game just dissepered from the taskbar so i was going to close the prosses but it wasent under diablo it was running under the bnet launcher using 13 gb ram
imigur link of the task manager -> /a/nWXUamj

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Haven’t you disabled auto-updated on launcher settings? In addition, there is an option to exit launcher entirely when playing game.

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nop and maybe i should try.

it just crashed again

but this time i got a crash report

code: B0506582-CCEE-4083-8BEF-1B37B08DAB46

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I have had this same problem , several times doing bounties with the Gears of the Dreadlands set, every time it happens its entering the skelleton king bounty,on t16 after I’ve completed the other acts.This same senario has happened alot always bounties always Skelly king always demon hunter .

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Dh GoD random crash in act 4 - 5.
Wonder when this will be fixed :slight_smile:

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Rowniez od kilku dni wyrzuca mnie z gry, bądź pojawia się informacja iz utracono połączenie Błąd; 1016

I had ~30 sec long gmae freeze today during Greater Rift. Game did not crash but I could not do anything before it recovered to normal state. It happened in 2 out of 5 GRs we did so it really often.

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Since s21, including after the patch / fix, D3 still crashes on my gaming machine. Usually within 45 minutes. After that crashes come sooner.
Had a record of within 5 minutes of game start while in town.

All happening since the s21 patch.

It doesn’t just crash the game, but Windows 10 alltogether.
Screens go black and nothing anymore.
Sometimes sound continues for a few seconds.

Ran bunch of tests to confirm proper hardware, which all checked out.

Put in an emty drive, installed windows fresh and installed bnet app and D3 fresh.
Still crashing. It is extremely annoying, especially because I cannot pinpoint why D3 crashes.

Temperatures remain very cool, nvidia gtx780 gets at most at 45 degrees celcius.
Cpu stays lower. Memtests are fine. Harddrives are fine etc. Put various components in different pc, older non-gaming pc, played for some hours to test, without a single crash. (Was slow and laggy though).

Using default drivers provided by windows, or older ones from nvidia or latest ones from nvidia, have no effect in preventing or influencing the crashes.

Other games play just fine on my gaming machine.
I just cannot play D3 on my gaming machine anymore.

Crashes can happen at any time, doing anything. Even starting D3, just waiting in town, caused a crash. Just being in town crasjed it!!!

Can happen during rift, grift with or without a clone active. Can happen while in town having done nothing yet.

I never notice lag before the crash, but the crash may come faster than me noticing lag.

Before s21 and its patch, this just did not happen. At all.

Please, please can I get some advice / help.
Is there some setting in D3 that should be turned off or on to prevent the crashing?

Been on my laptop (and Immortal) while away from home which hasn’t had crashes.

Got home tonight, back on my desktop, back playing more Diablo 3, and crashes continue…
Mid GR crash clip:
Error code: