Countdown to d2r

146 hours until launch.

time to figure out your starter builds!


194 hours makes it sound so long! lol. I’m going with eight days. :smiley:


well at least we are not over 200 anymore. =)


Can we say 8 minutes instead :grinning:

I know I am checking to see if preload is available every hour or so lol.


Lol yes, and I wish it was just 8 minutes away too!

Does anybody know when it will become available to download on the launcher? I can’t wait to download it because it’ll feel like I’m 10 and it’s the day before Christmas.

far as i know hasnt been announced yet. i would expect a day or two early though.

Thanks. Yeah that’s what I think. I can imagine there’s the urge to tinker and try and get into SP for many.

They enabled the beta preload the day before iirc. I’d expect it to be the same for the full launch.

I’m counting down as well… haven’t been this excited since… hmmmm…


Probably either Diablo 2 or World of Warcraft, lol

I keep punching the “Install” button just to see if it works! Man, I’m like a kid at Christmas! :smiley:

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finally! officially less than a week until launch. now is the time to buy your massive quantity of snacks. have to get enough to last though next weekend! eating healthy or junk good luck with your snacks. (dont over do it to badly, we still need to be able to think clearly to play. lol)