Corrupted Ashbringer

Is there a reason why the weapon Corrupted Ashbringer cannot be transmogrified? I tried to do it with every class that can equip it but it says “The Mystic cannot transmogrify that item”. It is the only weapon I’ve seen where this is the case…just curios…

It’s because the Corrupted Ashbringer has a transformation ability built into it…

Chance on kill to raise a skeleton to fight for you. Upon accumulating 5 skeletons, they each explode for 1000% weapon damage and the sword transforms into Ashbringer for a short time.

If you were able to transmog the sword’s base appearance into something else, it wouldn’t make a lot of sense that whatever you’d transmog’d it into would occasionally turn into the uncorrupted Ashbringer, so they restrict you to having the corrupted appearance.


Oh ok, thanks for the reply! :grinning: