Corpse spiders without Arachyr

I need to admit that I am bad at theorycrafting and thus have a question to more experienced and better players - can corpse spiders be used outside of Arachyr’s set?
For example in LoD setup? I absolutely dislike the clunkyness of the re-reworked Arachyr’s set although I need to admit that Corpse Spiders got a lot of supporting items.

I thought of a build using: Spider Queen’s Grasp + Shukrani’s Triumph / CoE + Unity + RoE / Mask of Jeram / Depth Diggers / Aquilla / Tasker and Theo / Lakumba / Ice Climbers + Stone Gauntlets / Brood of Araneae / Sacred Harvester. For gems: LoD / Simplicity Strength / Enforcer

Can anyone tell if this is playable and if this will be better/worse than pure Arachyr’s? Or maybe the Helltooth Corpse Spiders. What actually concerns me is the loss of (2p) Arachyr’s bonus - that CS spawn with health. Are they still pets without this bonus?

Honestly, I suspect overall the LoD version will come out better as it’s more well equipped to handle both defensively and offensively however I did not get a chance to even remotely test this on the PTR.

I’m actually hoping that the developers make last minute untested changes to Arachyr’s and to other creature/WD supporting items before patch drops to just fix stuff. lol.

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I have to correct your post, sorry :joy:

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I’m going to use them in Helltooth setup.

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Arachyr DPS set was buffed last minute and as such I believe it’s now on par damage wise with Mundunugu at least for the spider skills (all other skills still pale in comparison due to lack of support)

Ultimately though this means corpse spiders without Arachyr’s will probably not be as viable as before.

I’m wondering if CS will be considered pets outside of Arachyr. And will Arachyr set dungeon requirements change? Highly unlikely tho.